Sardar Sher Singh Of Buria, was born into Mannan Jat family,He was the successor of Sardar Bhag Singh Of Buria, when he was young he was young he was expend his state and Sher Singh assisted Rohilla chief Amir Khan and Maratha Sardar Jaswant Rao Holkar when they were struggling against the British in north India. The official communication (letters written between British commanders Lord Lake, Colonel David Ochterlony and Colonel Burn at Delhi, Meerut, and Saharanpur, respectively, during 1804-05 the trouble caused by Sher Singh and other Jatsikh Jagirdars in the region of Saharanpur across the Yamuna to counter the invasive tendencies of the British. Sher Singh Of Buria fought against British General Colonel Burn in the Battle of Saharanpur in 1804,and was succeeded by his sons Jaimal Singh and Gulab Singh.


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