Sardar Shibdeo Singh of Siranwali, was born in 1875 into Sandhu Jat family, he was the son of Sardar Richpal Singh Of Siranwali. When he was Young the Sardar began early to take an interest in public affairs, and in 1881 was nominated President of the District Board of Sialkot. In the same year he was entrusted with civil and criminal powers as an Honorary Magistrate with his Court at Siranwali. also He was known to have entertained high ranking British officials, on numerous occasions, at his palatial mansion at Siranwali. also he become one of the biggest landowners of his district. He was awarded a certificate by the governor general in council, on the imperial cornation durbar in delhi 1911.and his Estate successor was his elder on Sardar Balwant Singh .


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