Sardar Sobha Singh of Kanha Kachha, was belonged to village Kanha Kachha in Lahore district. His father was Choudhary Milkhi, a Sandhu Jat. He was a respectable Zamindar and owned sufficient land, but it was not. very productive. So the life was not comfortable. Sobha Singh was attracted by the success of Sandhu Jatsikh brave young men like Sardar Jai Singh Kanhiya, his village fellow. He took up service with Thakur Singh of village Rosianwala. The boy was handsome, strong and daring. He employed the boy asa domestic servant, and gave him training in horsemanship as well as in the use of arms. Sobha Singh heard the fame of the Bhangi Sardars,. in particular of Sardar Hari Singh Bhangi and Sardar Jhanda Singh Bhangi. He approached Jhanda Singh and offered himself as a soldier. Sardar Jhanda Singh Bhangi administered pahul to him and recruited him. Sardar Thakur Singh loved Sobha Singh as a son, brought him back, and treated him with great consideration. Thakur Singh lost his life in fighting in village Bahiran, and Sobha Singh succeeded him as owner of his lands and leader of his band.

Sardar Sobha Singh was deeply attached to Bhatti Jat chief ruler Sardar Charat Singh of Sukerchakia, and both had become brothers by exchanging turbans. Both of them went to Lahore to have a share along with Gujar Singh and Lahna Singh. Sobha Singh served the Sukerchakias faithfully until his death.


  • History Of The Sikhs Vol. IV The Sikh Commonwealth Or Rise And Fall Of Sikh Misls by Hari Ram Gupta.
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