His numerous posts included being a member of the District Board, Director of the Central Co-operative Bank and an active supporter of the Prisoners’ Aid Society. In 1935, he was awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal, and later became a recruiting officer during the Second World War.He was responsible for recruiting a large number of men from the Kurali area, and was later bestowed with the title of “Sardar” for which a Sanad (royal mandate) was issued by the Viceroy of India. He assisted in the rehabilitation of migrants during the Partition at Ambala. He married Sardarni Sukhsagar Kaur, the daughter of Diwan Gurdit Singh of Nabha. Sadly, on her premature death in 1920, she left a son Narinder Singh. Sardar Surat Singh remarried Sardarni Hardyal Kaur. He had four children from this marriage; Kulwant Kaur, Gurpreet Kaur, Raminder Kaur and Sudarshan Singh. He passed away in 1955, in Ambala.

Reference :-

  • The Punjab Chiefs By Bobby Singh Bansal
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