Sardar Tej Singh of Rosa, was born into Sandhu Jat family, he was the son of Sardar Karam Singh of Rosa, he was for four years Risaldar in the second troop of the North-Western Provinces Military Police. He did admirable service during the Mutinies, and in April 1859 was severely wounded in a fight with the rebels in the Mirzapur jungle. In October 1861, when the new system of Police was introduced, Tej Singh of Rosa received his discharge. He was not only distinguished for gallantry in the field, but was also a first-rate officer, respected and obeyed by his men. Though of the Rosa 4 family, he is very distantly connected. with the branches of it represented by Hardit Singh and Atar Singh. On the death of Tej Singh in 1877.


  • The Punjab Chiefs by Charles Massy (1890)
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