Sardar Umrao Singh Of Manauli, was born in 1896, he was the son of Sardar Avtar Singh Virk Of Manauli, Virk Jat Chief, was only a minor, during the civil suit against the Government, and so the estates were placed under the management of the Court of Wards. In 1921, the estateswere released to UmraoSingh, butduring the First World War, Rs 78,000was contributed towards the War Loans, from three estates, which also boreexpenses for propaganda work, with recruiting men from the Tehsils of Kharar and Ropar. Umrao Singh held vast landed properties in Amritsar, Lahore and Ambala, including owning 19 squares of land in the Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) and Montgomery (now Sahiwal) Districts, Pakistan. The total revenue yielded from the Manauli estates were estimated at Rs 90,000 per annum. However, despite the handsome revenue that was generated from the estates, Umrao Singh enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, which eventually diminished his over-indulgenceInspending on luxurious items, and the estates were once again brought under the management of the Court of Wards in 1928. Nevertheless, he was known to be a very generous human being who had donated vast lands to worthycauses;these include the RoparThermal Plant which was set up on his land, and he offered approximatelyThirtyacres of his land, to three Gurdwaras located in Ambala, Manauli and Ghanauli. However, the government acquired four villages of the Manauli estate, for settling theoustees ofChandigarh, when the city came into being. He was married twice, firstly to Sardarni Gurdial Kaur, who died in 1976, and secondly to Pritam Kaur Attari (no issue). He was succeeded by his son Satinder Singh, and daughter Satinder Kaur.

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