Sardar Wachan Singh Of Thethar was born in 1803  into a Sandhu Jat family, in several places With Credit,In 1848,he was disparched to Multan by the British authorities, along with his sowars (cavalry), under the command of Sandhu Jat Chief Lal Singh Of Kalianwalia of Amritsar, to gues a rebellion. But instead, Wachan Sing fined the rebels, and fought agains he British, at the battles of Rammagar, Gujrat and Chillianwala, all now located in Pakistan. The latter, was one of the bloodiest batles fought by the British Army in 1849, which resulted in a tactical defeat for the British, by the Lahore Empire Army.

The battle site is the same place, where Alexander the Great was stopped by the King Porus, in 326 BC, known as the Battle of Hydaspes. However, Raja Sher Singh Attariwala, did not capitalize on this victory of pursuing the British Army, despite the large Punjabi Muslims in the artillery units, who had remained loyal throughout the battle, especially to the Punjabi cause ofindependence. After annexation, Sardar Wachan Singhis estates were resumed, receiving a cash pension of Rs 100 per annum, and he became proprietor of half of the Thethar Village From this period we follow the male lineage of Sardar Sahib Singh, the vounger brother of Sardar Shamir Singh, who had taught Maharaja Ranjit Singh in sword fighting and horsemanship; thus receiving the title of ‘Ustad’ from the Maharaja. He was noted of having served the Maharaja in most of his early military campaigns, with distinction and honour.

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