She was daughter of Sidhu Jat ruler Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind, was the mother of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. As she came from the Malva region, she was affectionately known as Mai Malvain.Six years after their marriage with Bhatti Jat Ruler of Sukerchakia Misl Sardar Mahan Singh, Raj Kaur gave birth of one son on 2 November 1780 (some writer said 13 November). He was named Buddh Singh at birth, but was later renamed Ranjit Singh. The birth of a son was celebrated with alms-giving, feeding of the poor, and giving rich offerings to temples and shrines.Maha Singh did not have time to devote to his son’s upbringing, nor did the conventions of the time give opportunity to Raj Kaur, confined as she was to the seclusion of the zenana (a practice which the Sikh ruling classes had taken from the Muslims) to see much of her son after he was old enough to be on his own. When her husband Mahan Singh Sukerchakiawas died, their son Ranjit Singh was too young to assume control of the state. Mai Raj Kaur took over authority and administered the affairs of the Sukerchakia family with the help of her husband`s minister, Lakhpat Rai.
When Ranjit Singh came of age, he did away with her control and took power into his own hands. This proved a great shock to her. after which he died some time later

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