Place-Gwalior Fort (Present Madhya Pradesh)

Belligerents :- Gohad State | Mughal Empire

Commanders and leaders “- (°=Commander,•Other Leaders)

Gohad State

Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana(Ruler of Gohad)

  • Rao Balju Singh of Nimrol(Neerpura)
  • Rao Kande Rai of Makhol
  • Samant Anirudh Singh of Adhupura
  • Kunwar Shri Mukund Singh of Kaithoda
  • Samant Mandhata Singh of Jandhara
  • Kunwar Chatra Singh of Nimrol(son of Rao Balju)
  • Kunwar Girdhar Pratap Singh of Nimrol(son of Rao Balju)

Mughal Empire

  • °Ali Khan (Governor of Gwalior Fort)

Strength :- Gohad State-?| Mughal Empire-?

Result :- Gohad victory, Ali Khan surrendered the Fort.End of Mughal rule in Trans Chambal region.

Background and Events
Gohad State was ruled by Bamraulia clan Jats. The Dynasty was established by Rana Jai Singh at Garh Bairat (near Alwar) his descendants moved towards trans Chambal region and first established themselves at Bamrauli then Katholi (The name by they are mentioned in Ain I Akbari) and finally made Gohad there capital.Bhim Singh became the Rana of Gohad in 1717.He wanted the control of Trans Chambal region and end Mughal rule there.Rana Bhim Singh increased his powers and was planning to expand his territories.He marched to Malwa in 1736 but came back and targeted the Gwalior Fort (The key to Trans Chambal region). Marathas were also in race to win the Gwalior Fort.The weak and easy-going Mughal satrap Ali Khan, looking to the power of Jats, surrendered the fort to Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana.

Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana established his authority in Trans Chambal region after capturing of Gwalior Fort.He built the historical monument Bhim Tal(where later his cenotoph was built) in Gwalior Fort.Rana Bhim Singh Rana occupied the Gwalior fort from 1740-1756(Till his death).

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