Rani Sada Kaur Of Kanhiya was the widow of Gurbakhsh Singh Kanhiya who had been killed in the battle with Jassa Singh. She was a very clever woman. She had married her only daughter to Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore, son ofSardar Mahan Singh Of Sukarchakia. She resolved to punish Jassa Singh. In 1796 she and Ranjit Singh besieged the Ramgarhia sardar in his fort of Miani situated on the banks of river Beas. The siiege continued for four months. Jassa Singh ran short of provisions and munitions. Jassa Singh sent a messenger to Sahib Singh 1 Bedi of Una to seek his intervention. When the Ramgarhia messenger reached there, Jodh Singh Wazirabadia and Dal Singh Gill, representatives of Sada Kaur and Ranjit Singh were already with the Bedi. Sahib Singh advised them to raise the siege. Sada Kaur was adamant. Hard pressed Jassa Singh sent another ambassador to the Bedi. He replied: “They do not listen to me ; but God will help you.” Sada Kaur’s entire camp lay in the dry bed of the river below the fort,. One night heavy rains fell in the hills. The river was flooded, and Rani Sada Kaur’s entire camp and equipage were swept away. She had to retire and Jassa Singh was saved.


  • History of the Sikhs vol.5 By Hari Ram Gupta.

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