Hari Singh Lang (lame), a Virk Jat of village Kaleki near Kasur,seized a large tract on both sides of the Satluj along the foot of the Shivalik hills. He captured the parganahs of Awankot, Korali, Rupar, Sialba and Siswan He took possession of the fort of Khizarabad which was built by Chaudhri Tek Chand. He seized the parganahs of Bahrampur, Chanderi and Sahadat from the Raja of Nalagarh, and Berian and Machholi from the Raja of Bilaspur. The Raja of Jaswan purchased peace by surrendering one half of the revenues of Manaswâl. He annexed Chamkaur by expelling Sodhi Nahar Singh who had acquired it in 1764. He captured ten villages of Nawab Budh Singh Virk Of Singhpuria. Hari Singh possessed 106 villages. He commanded 1,500 horse and 500 foot. He abducted Rajan, the beautiful widowed sister-in-law of hindu Jat chief Chaudhri Chuhar Mal of Phagwara, brother of the husband of Patiala princess Rajindar Kanwar. This romance remained the subject of a love song for about a century. He had several sons, but only two, Charat Singh and Deva Singh, survived him. To Charat Singh he gave Rupar worth Rs. 80,000, and to Deva Singh Sialba worth about two lakhs. The partition was made in 1792. On Hari Singh’s death in 1793, during the minority of her son, Charat Singh, Rajan ruled over the state. After Chart Singh’s death, his widow, Raj Kanwar, daughter of Nirmala Jat Chief Karam Singh Nirmala of Shahabad, administered her territory on behalf of Bhup Singh who along with Deva Singh of Sialba submitted to Ranjit Singh in 1807. Sirdar Gujjar Singh Dhillon Of Bhangi and Surjan Singh Sodhis of Makhowal were made independent of Deva Singh and directly tributary to Bhup Singh. Their revenues amounted to Rs. 77, 600.

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