Sirdar Manna Singh Of Majithia, was a follower of Sardar Charrat Singh Of Sukarchakia, grandfather of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore. He fought with his lord against the Chattahs, and received a service jagir 4,000 Rs. Under Sirdar Mahan Singh he also served, and received the jagir of Jadah, in the Jhelam district. When Ranjit Singh took Lahore in 1799, Manna Singh was an old man, but he was still active, and fought in the campaign of 1802. He was killed in that year, before the fort of Chuniot, which Harijit Singh was endeavouring to capture from Jassa Singh, Bhangi. Dassonda Singh, the eldest son, had died in his father’s life-time, and the whole jagir was resumed.


  • The Punjab chiefs historical and biographical notices of the principal families in the territories under the Punjab government-1865 by L.H Griffin.

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