The Sandhu and Dhillon Jat Misls Kanhiya and the Bhangi Misls again came into conflicts few years later as a result of an invitation from the Raja of Jammu. Ranjit Dev died in 1781, and was succeeded by his son Brij Raj Dev. He got his brother Dalel Singh and one of his sons Bhagwant Singh murdered in 1782, and imprisoned Dalel Singh’s second son Jit Singh. These cruel deeds and his dissolute character made Brij Raj Dev extremely unpopular among his subjects. Brij Raj Dev then displayed anxiety to recover a portion of the Jammu State that had been annexed by the Bhangis. Taking advantage of the keen spirit of rivalry prevailing among the Sikh Jatchiefs, he applied to Haqiqat Singh Kanhiya for assistance. As a result the Bhangis and Kanhiyas were involved in a struggle which ended in victory for the allies. Brij Raj Dev henceforward became tributary to Haqiqat Singh for an annual sum of Rs. 30,000.

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