Surjan Singh Of Amia Kalan was born into a Uppal Jat family,He was the son of Natha Singh , Who was the founder of Amia Kalan Estate , in 1730s.his father was great warrior About the year 1738 his father left his home at Takarki, in the Gurdaspur district, and, coming to Amritsar, rebuilt a ruined village to which, in defiance of the right of the late inhabitants, he gave the name of Aims, signifying land held in proprietary right, later Surjan Singh Of Amia Kalan inherited not only this village, but the jagirs of his uncle, Dal Singh, In the famine year of 1783, Surjan Singh contrived to seire Chahar bajwa in the Sialkot district from Brij Raj Deo, son of Raja Ranjit Deo. He was associated with the Bhangi Misal, and fought under Sardar Karam Singh. He was died in 1799.

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