Thakur Akhai Singh Of Akheygarh, was born into a Sinsinwar Jat family, He was the one of the numerous sons of RajaBadan Singh Of Deeg and the real brother of the great Maharaja SurajMal. He participated in the war along with his elder brother Maharaja Surajmal.In every war, he expanded the Kingdom of Bharatpur with them. And it is one of the most prominent Jagirdars of the Bharatpur Kingdom. When Maharaja Suraj Mal had established Bharatpur Kingdom in after defeating SogariaJat ruler Rai Khemkaran Singh in 1732, he fought a fierce battle with him. Along with this, he had built a big fort which is known as Akhaigarh Fort and some small fortress.But in 1887 the Thakurs Of Akheygarh themselves rebelled against the State, and Maharajah Jaswant Singh, after a siege of less than a week, ousted them, and destroyed their fort.

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