Thakur Hira Singh also know as “Thakur Hira Lal Patel” was Born into aAkodiya Jat Family he was Great freedom fighter also hea prosperous Zamindar Of Pahela under Gwalior princely state in which 1500 bighas of land was also a Zamindar of Kota  , Amlora Amlori Govardhanpura.  Thakur Hira Singh had 20 horses, a dozen horses would have to be sent to Gwalior if needed during the Scindia stent.  And 50 ploughs ie 100 bullocks lived and in addition to farming landlords, they used to trade pine-gum, catechu, coal till Delhi.  The cow buffalo was so much that 25 kg of ghee would be ready in a day.

Once upon a time Gwalior Maharaj Madho Maharaj came on Scindia tour and stayed at Gorsandak bungalow.  All the Jagirdars reached the Zamindaris, all of them presented silver coins to the Maharaja.  When Thakur Hira Singh, the Jat landlord of the first village, gave 14 gold stamps to Maharaj as a tribute, Maharaja Madho rao Scindia was so happy that he called Thakur Hira Singh to the Gwalior palace.  He came from the palace on the rail from the horse buggy and introduced him to all the kings by sitting in the court hall.

Maharaj Scindia’s proposal to make a Jagirdar from a Zamindar was rejected by Thakur Hira Singh for the reason that it was the words of his Kul Guru that do not become a Jagirdar to remain a Zamindar. Thakur Hira Singh was of great religious faith, used to store the saints and saints daily and also got the temple constructed which is still safe.

300 bighas of land was donated by this family to Vinova Bhave’s Bhoodan in village Pehla.  Thakur Hira Singh continued to Donate One Lakh rupee to Indian National Congress. So that this money can be properly invested in the independence of the country., but could not see independence and died in 1943 in Pahela.  Their umbrella is also built in village Pehla.

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