Thakur Mahabir Singh of Shadipur, was born into Zamindar family of Shadipur(village in Khairtahsil in Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh), was founded by Mitha/MithelaJats , when he was young ,he was of athletic build and daring horse rider who was recruited in the elite Murray’s Jat Lancers along with his personal horse. It was indeed the best horses and strong riders who had intrinsic flair for combat skills could aspire to be picked up after tough selection. The Squadron of 14 Murray’s Jat Lancers, in which Mahabir Singh was serving, was attached to 29 Lancers at the start of World War I. The Regiment was the part of Lukhnow Cavalry Brigade of Indian Cavalry Division which was part of Indian Army Corps. Indian Army Corps was despatched to the European western front in Flanders in the region of France and Belgium to fight against the Germans.

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