Sukerchakia has been one of the major princely states in all Indian history, from which there were many great warriors like Naudh Singh Sukerchakia, Charat Singh Sukerchakia, , Mahan Singh Sukerchakia and Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore . In this family first person who accept Sikh panth was Chaudhari Budh Singh in the age of 9. Budh Singh had two sons named Naudh Singh , who was founder of Sukerchakia Misl and Chanda Singh , who was founder of Raja Sansi Estate.

Ancestors :-

The Sukerchakia or Lahore family is direct descendants of Maharaja Salwahan who founded Sialkot in early 7th century.They were Chandravanshi Bhatti Jats , Sukerchak Jagir was founded in 1620 by Choudhary Aidul. Who was 22th generation direct descendants of Maharaja Salwahan. Later Salwahan descendants rule on Sialkot 12th century to 14th century and in early 14th century to 1620 they founded Vein poin and rule there.

Jagirdars And Kardars Under Sukerchakia Misl :-

Sardar Bhag Singh Virk of Karyal village in Gujranwala district had occupied about 100 villages in the south-west of Gujranwala and in the south-east of Hafizabad. He was confirmed as jagirdar and kardar by Bhatti Jatsikh Charat Singh Of Sukerchakia with his headquarters at Miraliwala. Some other famous Jat Jagirdar under Sardar Charat Singh Sukerchakia was Dal Singh Gill , He was kardar of Ahmadabad and Jamke with his office at Ahmadabad.

Chaj Doab

1. Budh Singh and Gaur Singh were entrusted with Pind Dadan Khan.
2. Dharam Singh Batasa or Tabasa was given Miani, and Shams- abad with headquarters at Miani.
3. Tahal Singh Chhachhi was appointed thanadar of Salt mines at Qila Dalor.
4. Nirmal Singh was given charge of Kunjah.
5. Kalra and Kauthala were assigned to Himrnat

• Sind Sagar Doab

1. Dada Ram Singh was appointed Kardar of Jhelum
2. Sabaj Singh was entrusted with Dhani-Gheb and Pothohar. Baron Charles Hugel says that Charat Singh’s territories brought him an income of 300,000 florins annually.

Charat Singh’s matrimonial alliances Charat Singh strengthened his position by matrimonial alliances.

1. Dal Singh Kalianwala of Alipur renamed Akalgarh was married to the sister of Charat Singh.
2. Sohel Singh Of Bhangi was married to the daughter of Charat Singh.
3. Sahib Singh Bhangi, son of Gujar Singh, was married to another daughter, Raj Kaur.
4. His son Mahan Singh was married to the daughter of Jai Singh Mann of Mannawala
To establish a prominent place for himself among the Sikh Jats Charat Singh built a fort at Amritsar to the north of the city.

Reference :-
History of Sikhs -Vol. IV ,The Sikh Commonwealth or Rise and Fall of Sikh Misls By Hari ram gupta

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