The other section of the Sikhs under the leadership of Dhillon and Sandhu Jat ruler Maharaja Hari Singh Bhangi and Hira Singh Nakai was equally successful in South-Western Punjab. They captured the territories of Lamma and Nakka which were appropriated by the Nakai Misl. Hari Singh then marched upon Multan and captured and plundered it. Then he crossed over the Indus and laid waste the territory of the Darajat.- The Sikhs then marched to subdue the Sials of Jhang territory. These men offered the Sikhs a bold front but were defeated and their territories of Jhang, Khushaband Chiniot were seized by the Bhangis and fell to the share of Jhanda Singh Bhangi Nur Muhammad paid a visit to Chiniot on his way to Lahore only about six months later. He writes :-” The city had been ruined by the atrocities of the Sikhs. All the people of the place were in trouble and misery. The whole town from inside and its suburbs lay in ruin. Its buildings had been pulled down and all the mosques were deserted. They were spoiled by the dung and fodder of of the horses. The learned people, Nobles and the Sayyids of the city led a miserable life. When the Dogs( Sikhs) partitioned this land, the city became the Jagir of the accursed Jhanda Singh Bhangi. They divided the whole country, Sirhind, Lahore, Punjab, Multan, Jhang, Khushab and the Chenab among themselves.

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