Jats have the most rich and incomparable history in the history of Punjab and the history of Sikhs. Whether it is the history of Maharaja Shailendra Takshak in the fourth century or the death of Gauri, the murderer of Prithviraj Chauhan in the 12th century. Or Harveer Singh Gulia, who drove out Taimur Lang. Jats have made their supreme sacrifice on the soil of this brave Punjab. Ghulam Sanvar and Imam-ud-din Husaini who travelled right across Panjab in nineties and James Browne in 1788, mention the following leading Sikh Jat sardars:

  • Milkha Singh Bhangi Pindiwala. He was prominent in the region between the Indus and the Jehlam. His wife supervised the area between Attock and Hasan Abdal. Ranjit Singh called him Baba or grandfather.
  • Sahib Singh Bhangi of Gujrat. His territory yielded 13 lakhs annually. He owned 12 forts. He was married to the sister of Ranjit Singh’s father.
  • Jodh Singh Bhangi of Wazirabad. He possessed about 500 villages. He was married to the daughter of Sahib Singh Bhangi of Gujrat.
  • Jassa Singh Bhangi of Chiniot. His territory lay along River Chenab and yielded 14 lakhs annually.
  • Ranjit Singh Sukarchakia who dominated large parts of Sirid Sagar Doab, Chaj Doab and Rachna Doab, the country lying between the rivers Indus and Ravi.
  • Karam Singh Bhangi of Jassarwal in Sialkot district. His annual income was about 8 lakhs.
  • Sudh Singh Bhangi of Doda in Shakargarh tahsil of Sialkot district.
  • Cheit Singh Bhangi possessed the city and the fort of Lahore.
  • Gulab Singh Bhangi of Amritsar brought Kasur under submission and levied tribute. He possessed the famous Zamzama gun.
  • Sada Kaur Kanahya was the widow of Gurbakhsh Singh, son of Jai Singh, founder of the Kanahya Misl. She lost her husband in 1785, and father-in-law in 1793, when she became the head of the misl. Her terri- tory included Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Kangra, Atalgarh, Dasuya, Muker- ian and Batala.
  • Jaimal Singh Kanahya of Kalanaur. He was married to the celebrated princess Sahib Kaur of Patiala.
  • Baghel Singh Dhaliwal OfKarorasinghia possessed Sirhali, Tarn Taran, Har- iana, Mahalpur and Sham Chaurasi.
  • Tara Singh Ghaiba Of Dallewalia, 1710-1807. His territory was situated on both sides of River Satluj. In the Jalandhar Doab he owned Nakodar, Dakhni, Nawanshahar Doaba, Phillaur and Rahon.
  • Budh Singh Virk Of Singhpuria held Jalandhar.
  • Fatah Singh Ahluwalia of Kapurthala almost equalled Ranjit Singh in political, military and financial resources.
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