Bhanwar Kaur was daughter of Chaudhary Madu Singh who died fighting Mughals and sister of the revolutionary Chaudhary Gokula Singh (Zamindar of Tilpat). Her eldest brother Shindhuraj Singh also died fighting Mughals. Gokula Singh defeated Mughals and  killed the Fauzdar and fanatic Abul Nabi at the Battle of Sihora. He displaced mughals from Mathura and ravaged the Mughal Pargana of Sadabad and moved towards Agra. Saf Shikan Khan was made the new fauzdar by Auranjeb.

After defeat in Sadabad and Sihora the new faujdar Saf Shikan Khan started campaign to take revenge with Gokula. He had learnt that on the occasion of haryaliteej festival, the young girls gather to celebrate it with malhar songs and swings in entire Brij region. The young sister of Gokula Singh, Bhanwar Kaur, also joined the festival at a garden out side Tilpat on haryaliteej in shravan month in year 1669.

The new faujdar Saf Shikan Khan and his soldiers seized the place of celebration of haryaliteej by the young girls and started misbehaving with them. Bhanwar Kaur along with her friends counter acted by attacking with ropes of swings and gofans. They could manage to get felled one of the soldiers from his horse and with sword obtained from him killed the soldier. This technique worked and the girls could kill more soldiers this way. Saf Shikan Khan at first got frightened but attacked Bhanwar Kaur. Bhanwar Kaur could defend the attack and wounded the horse of Saf Shikan Khan which left the field along with Saf Shikan Khan. Rest of the soldiers also ran away. the girls could kill 17 soldiers in the fight. Mean while a shot from a soldier who was running away killed the brave girl Bhanwar Kaur. Bhanwar Kaur died but saved her pride.


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