Mian Muhmmad Ashiq and Mehar Mohkamuddin of Nawankot were the principal Chaudhris of Lahore. They promised cooperation and invited Ranjit Singh to come and capture the city & fort. Ranjit Singh deputed QaziAbdur Rahman of Ramnagar with the emissary. The adroit Qazi met Mian Muhammad Ashiq, Mehar Mohkamuddin of Nawankot, Muhammad Azim and Hafiz Muhammad of Baghbanpura, Mehar Shadi Katarband, Ahmad Khan Bhindar, Hakim Rae, Bhai Gurbakhsh Singh, Muhammad Baqar, Muhammad Tahar, Maulvi Muhammad Salim, Mufti Muhammad Mukarram, Mian Muhammad Jan of village Laverian, the religious guide of Moran Kanjri and Abid Khan of Atari. All of them agreed to accept Ranjit Singh as the chief of Lahore.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his mother-in-law Rani Sada Kaur of Kanhaiya Misl(Batala) marched towards Lahore with 5000 troops. They attacked Lahori Gate and after couple of hours, Mohkamuddin instructed, and guards deceived Chait Singh and opened the gate. This was 6th July 1799. Chait Singh fled to the fort and starting firing cannon balls. By end of 7thJuly he opened negotiations and Ranjit Singh captured the Lahore Fort. Chait Singh and his accomplice Mohar Singh were allowed to leave with their moveable property and their retired in their lands outside the city. Mehar Mohkamuddin, the keeper of the Lahori Gate, was honoured with the title of Baba, and was appointed the administrator of the city of Lahore. Other leaders received the titles of Sahib and Meharban.

There was no coronation. Ranjit Singh never sat on a throne, nor did he ever wear a crown. His oriental chair (murha) was his throne, and his turban was his crown. His coins never bore his effigy or his name. His government was Sarkar KhaIsaji. His court was Durbar Khalsaji. He was addressed as Sarkar or Singh Sahib.

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