The present region of Narshingpur in the late 17th century was known as Gadariya Khera. At that time this region was infected by Pindaris (who use to loot and plunder). The inhabitants of this region were living in fear. Then the Brahmins (the major inhabitants) of this region send a letter to a village in Braj. They asked for help and wanted to get out of this misery as soon as possible. The village was dominated by Khirwar Jats. The Jat Sardar Rao Jagbharath Singh Khirwar after reading this letter set on his horse for an expedition against the Pindaris. He asked whoever wants to follow him they can. After travelling 530 km  Rao Jagbharath and his follower reached Gadariya Khera. They killed the pindaris and conquered 360 villages(till 1695 AD). They brought peace to the area. One night Rao Jagbharat Singh saw Narshingdev (The Kuldevta of there family) in his dream (most probably a legend). Next day Rao Jagbharat dugged at a place and idols of Narshingdev were discovered. Rao Jagbharath built a temple at the same spot and the idols of Narshingdev were placed there.The temple became popular over time and the place came to be known as Narshingpur (present district in MP). Rao Jagbharath Singh’s descendants rule over Narshingpur till independence. They build many temples,tanks,ghats,Lal Mahal and the unique Bakhar. One can still visit Narshingpur to see these monuments.


Written By

Shubham Singh Punia.

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