The following can also be deemed as army composition of Bhatti Jatsikh ruler Sardar Maha Singh, father of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Sukarchakia Misl who died in 1792 (1790 as per Encyclopaedia of Sikhism). The artillery and infantry had Muslims (Pathans) and number of feudal Pathan chiefs were under him as well.

Ranjit Singh had a force of 1,200 horse and 2,000 foot in permanent employment. In case of an emergency, he could raise 11,000 horse and 6,000 foot. Jat sikh Jagirdar Sardar Dal Singh was his commander-in-chief. Gulab Khan Afghan commanded the Najib Battalion of 1,000 foot. Ghaus Khan was the Darogha of Topkhana and commanded 1,000 Afghan infantry with six guns.

Besides the following feudal chiefs could supply him contingents varying in strength: Ahmad Khan Afghan with 1,000 horse, Fatah Khan Afghan, 100 horse, Fatah Singh Dhari, 1,000 horse, Joti Singh, 1,000 horse, and LaiqMissar, 100 horse.

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