In 1771 Gainda Rai of village Bhikiwala complained to Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala that a woman of his family named Gori, known for her beauty and grace, had been carried away by Sukhchain Singh of Bhatinda who possessed 125 villages. Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala despatched a force of 10,000 men under Bhali Singh. He began plundering the Bhatinda territory. Shortly afterwards the Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala himself took command of the campaign. The Bhatinda chief, in order to remove the cause of conflict, killed the woman. Amar Singh continued fighting and overpowered Sukhchain Singh. He was left with 24 villages, and the rest were annexed to Patiala territory.


  • History Of the Sikhs Vol.5 By Hari Ram Gupta

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