The grouping and regrouping of the Sikh Jat confederacies was taking place frequently. The Kanhiyas made up their differences with the Bhangis, and seized the territory which had been restored to the Jammu Raja. Brij Raj Dev invited assistance from the young Sukerchakia chief, Mahan Singh, his sworn brother by the exchange of turbans. The allied troops of the Bhangi and Kanhiya Misis under the leadership of Jai Singh, Haqiqat Singh, Gujar Singh and Karam Singh invaded the territory of Jammu and laid siege to the strong fortress of Dinpur. Finding the opponents rather strong they invited assistance from Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, saying :” We in haste have besieged Dinpur, and the Jammu ruler, Brij Raj Dev has a large army. Sardar Mahan Singh has come to his help. If this place is conquered by your aid, we can maintain Our prestige. You have been kind to us before. “At the same time Sobha Ram and Nanak Chand, The confidential agents of Brij Raj Dev and Mahan Singh waited upon the Ahluwalia chief :” You are the chief leader of the Panth, and every one expects help from you. We are fighting with Kanhiyas and Bhangis. Let us decide the matter between ourselves, and give no help to them. Jassa Singh decided to help the Kanhiyas and Bhangis. He despatched Kanwar Bhag Singh at the head of a strong contingent to march straight to Dinpur, while he himself advanced via Dera Baba Nanak where he was joined by Gurbakhsh Singh, son of Jai Singh Kanhiya. At a distance of one stage from Dinpur the leaders of the two confederacies waited upon him. Just then arrived the representatives of Jammu Raja and Mahan Singh Sukerchakia requesting him not to fight against them. He offered them certain terms which were not accepted by the Raja and his ally. This led to fighting which continued for several days, and the Jammu forces were compelled to retreat for some distance, At this Jiwan Singh, the commander of the garrison, offered to surrender on condition of security, Jassa Singh, however, wished to satisfy the other party also. He prevailed upon both the parties to make peace. According to the terms the fort was to be retained by the Raja of Jammu, while the neighbouring territory was handed over to Haqiqat Singh.’

References :-

  • Histroy Of Sikhs vol. 3 by Hari Ram Gupta.
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