Battle of Thikriwala 1731

The Battle of Thikriwala, also known as the Battle of Barnala, was fought in 1730 or 1731 by Sikh forces led by Sidhu Jat ruler Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala with Virk Jat ruler Nawab Kapur Singh Of Singhpuria and the Rai of Kot and Mughal forces led by Rai Kalha.

Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala and his army were trying to extend their territory by attacking the villages of Rai Kalha. After Rai Kalha’s brother in law dued, the Sikhs under the command of Maharaja Ala Singh’s son Yuvraj Sardul Singh conquered the village of Nima. Sohnde Khan owned that village. An enraged Rai Kalha started preparations for a battle. Maharaja Ala Singh caught on and started preparing for the battle as well.Kalha managed to collect a large force led by Dalel Khan, Kutbuddin Khan, Jamal Khan, Chief of Malerkotla, Asad Ali Khan and several other leaders.


A hard battle occurred. The battle destroyed the walls of Barnala.The Sikhs managed to win the battle. Asad Ali Khan was killed and his troops were routed by the Sikhs. Soon the rest of the army retreated.The casualties for the Mughals were quite heavy, and many Mughals were imprisoned.The Sikhs also looted all the resources the Mughals left behind which included goods, war material, and horses.

Aftermath :-

The successful battle increased the fame of Maharaja Ala Singh and frightened the nearby chieftains. It also materially strengthened Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala .

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