Chaudhari Mohan Ram Of Kamar, was born into a Hindu Jat family  He was from Kamar village in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, He was the one of the most powerful and trusted Chief who headed the artillery of Army of Maharaja SurajMal in Bharatpur Kingdom . He had served during the time of Raja Badan Singh Of Deeg,  Maharaja Surajmal Maharaja Sawai Jawahar Singh, the first of the three important rulers of the Bharatpur royal family , He was from Kamar village in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh and was married into the Zamindar of Sahar. These marriages made him virtually the master of the entire Mathura district. He participated in many wars along with Maharaja Surajmal and participated enthusiastically in each war, Chaudhari Mohan Ram Of Kamar with Maharaja Surajmal also participated in the fierce battle of Delhi which took place in 1763. In March 1765 After his return from the expedition against Delhi , Maharaja Sawai Jawahar Singh thought it high time to make himself master of his own household first, and to crush the enemies within, before he should indulge in the vision of foreign conquest. He suspected, not without reason, a secret connection between Malhar Rao and his discontented chiefs who had reluctantly accompanied him to Delhi, out of fear and shame. Two old chiefs, Chaudhari Balaram Sarot , commander of the cavalry, and Chaudhari Mohan Ram, general of the artillery had almost monopolised all power in the Kingdom : the treasure and army of Maharaja SurajMal were in their hands and their relatives occupied all the important public offices. He was died in old age.Later on, his descendants also remained vassals in the Princely state of Bharatpur.

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