General Sardar Daya Singh Of Retgarh, served the army of the Patiala State under Maharaja Narinder Singh attaining the rank of General. The outbreak of the Mutiny in 1857, placed several Sikh Jat rulers of the cis-Sutlej region in difficult circumstances. Daya Singh was dispatched with his troops to Bhatinda, to maintain law and order in the area. During the rebellion, anti-British feelings were spreading amongst numerous villages which led to a rise in the mischievous conduct of many Sikhs to rebel against the British. However, Daya Singh visited the affected villages and through his persuasiveness many Sikhs deserted the rebel camps and the active ringleaders were arrested and given light sentences. Daya Singh was highly appreciated by the Patiala Durbar for his actions during the unrest and was awarded “Khilat-i-Fakhra” in recognition for his gallant services to the state. Daya Singh had three children, two sons, Gurdit Singh and Hardit Singh both served in the army of the Patiala State and a daughter.

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