Gurbakhsh Singh of Tangaur was born into a Dhillon Jat family his ancestor branch, came from Gaggobua, a village in the Tarn Taran Tehsil of Amritsar, where several members of the family still reside. He was founder of Tangaur Estate.He was a worshipper at the Damdama Temple, and became a recognised leader of the Shahid Confederacy with Dharam Singh and Karam Singh Of Shahid, ancestors of the Shahzadpur Rulers. They stared on a career of conquest south of the Sutlej, and of the spoils Gurbakhsh Singh received many rich villages in the bet tracts of the Markanda river. On the death of Daya Singh, son of Gurbakhsh Singh, the estate was divided among his two sons and one grandson Chatar Singh. Lal Singh.

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