Gurdwara in this photograph was commissioned by Sardar Hardyal Singh Virk in 1831 CE. Hardyal Singh Virk (died 1853) was son of Sardar Budh Singh Virk of Singhapuria Misl, grandson of Nawab Khushal Singh (died 1794), great grandson of Dhan Singh Virk older brother of celebrated Nawab Kapur Singh Of Singhpuria (1697-1753) son of Chaudhri Duleep Singh Virk, Chaudhri of Village Kalokey near Chuharkana and Sheikhupura in Sandaal Baar Region of Punjab. The heartland of Jatt Virk Sikh Clan or Virk Tappa (Strip of Virks).

Before 1831, there was no Gurdwara on the site Where Guru Gobind Singh Sahib sons sacrificed their lives fighting against Mughal forces who had besieged Chamkaur. In 1831 for first time Sardar Hardyal Singh Virk established a Gurdwara which can be seen on photograph. He also got constructed next to Gurdwara a Step well Baoli which is fortunate to survive the hands of KaarSeva Babe who have destroyed many historic Gurdwara buildings.

In 1961 CE Gurdwara built by Sardar Hardyal Singh Virk was demolished to make way for another new Gurdwara.

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