Hindi Name


Time Period

18th century-1947


  • Sardar Karam Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala, he joined the Bhangi misl and acquired jagirs in the Lahore, Sialkot and Amritsar districts, he rebuilt Mananwala and took up his residence there, married and had issue, two sons and one daughter.
    • Sardar Ram Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Sham Singh (qv)
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married Sardar Lakha Singh Awan.
  • Sardar Ram Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala, he and his brother left the Bhangi misl and joined with Sardar Mahan Singh Sukerchakia in about 1780, married and had issue, an only daughter. He died 1788.
    • Bibiji Sada Kaur, married Sardar Sobha Singh Halluwalia, son of Sardar Bhag Singh Halluwalia, a Bhangi Sardar, he had built Kila Sobha Singh in Sialkot district.
  • Sardar Sham Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala 1788/-, he succeeded to the whole estate on his brothers death, but in 1790 all of the estate was confiscated by Sardar Mahan Singh Sukerchakia, except for Mananwala and Ralliabadho, which he enjoyed till his death, married and had issue.
    • Sardar Fateh Singh (qv)
  • Sardar Fateh Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala -/1845, he served in the Kangra campaign in 1809, at Daskah, where he was wounded, at Chunian and at Sahiwal where he was appointed Commandant and remained for a year; he fought at Attock in 1813 and in the Kashmir expedition of 1814, then at Multan in 1818 and Kashmir again in 1819, his estates were confiscated again in 1820, but he received new ones in December 1821, he went to Peshawar in 1834 and remained in service there till 1839, married Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, daughter of Sardar Surjan Singh Aimahwala, and had issue. He was killed 28th February 1845, apparently on the orders of Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu.
    • Bibiji Kakoh Kaur, married Sardar Ajit Singh Sandhanwalia (see Lahore), died in September 1843. She committed sati in September 1843.
    • Sardar Sardul Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Jwala Singh, married and had issue, two sons who succeeded to a Rs853 share of Mananwala and Mehoka. He died 1860.
      • Sardar Raja Singh, born 1836, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1883.
        • Gurbakhsh Singh alias Fateh Muhammad, born 1863, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1916.
        • Bhagwan Singh, died 1884.
      • Sardar Hira Singh, born 1838, a Divisional Darbari and Member of the District Board and Chairman of the Amritsar Local Board, married and had issue, three sons. He died 1898.
        • Sant Singh, a Lambardar of Mananwala in 1921.
        • Jhanda Singh, married and had issue. He died 1923.
          • Rajendra Singh, married and had issue. He died 1934.
            • Jagdish Lal Singh, born 1925.
        • Indar Singh, died 1883.
        • Balwant Singh, born 1886, married and had issue.
          • Kanwarjit Singh, born 1920.
          • Mahadeo Singh, born 1922.
          • Gurdev Singh, born 1932.
  • Sardar Sardul Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala 1845/1881, born 1810, he served under General Ventura in 1840-1841 in the Mandi campaign and at the siege and capture of Kamlaghar; in 1846 all his jagirs exccept Mananwala were confiscated for an unknown reason by Raja Lal Singh, married and had issue, two sons and four daughters. He died 1881.
    • Bibiji Partab Kaur, married Sardar Isar Singh Nakkai.
    • Bibiji Nihal Kaur, married Sardar Kishan Singh Chinnah.
    • Partab Singh, born 1834, married and had issue. He died 1906.
      • Mahtab Singh, born 1860, married a daughter of Sardar Arjun Singh of Raipur, Ludhiana, and had issue. He died 1919.
        • Amar Singh, married and had issue. He died 1935.
          • Gurdial Singh, born 1905.
        • Sardar Raghwant Singh, born 1894, married and had issue.
          • Hardyal Singh, born 1915.
          • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married Sardar Kirpal Singh Bhangi.
          • Surindar Singh, born 1923.
          • Jit Singh, born 1928.
      • Bibiji Gulab Kaur, married a son of Sardar Kharak Singh of Jalandhar.
    • Sardar Jiwan Singh (qv)
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married Sardar Jiwan Singh Attariwala, born 1835.
  • Sardar Jiwan Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala and Head of the Family 1881/1911, born 1852, a Lambardar of Mananwala, Member of the District Board, an Honorary Magistrate and Divisional Darbari; married four wives, including 1stly, a daughter of Sardar Fateh Singh of Jullundur, married 2ndly, a daughter of Sardar Uttam Singh, Inspector of Police in Montgomery, married 3rdly, a daughter of Sardar Harnam Singh of Narendrapura in Patiala and a relative of the Maharaja of Patiala, and had issue. He died 1911.
    • Sardar Atma Singh (qv)
  • Sardar Atma Singh, Jagirdar of Mananwala and Head of the Family 1911/- , born 1896, an Honorary Magistrate from 1914, a Divisional Darbari, Lambardar of Mananwala in Amritsar and of Chak in Multan, an elected Member of the District Board; he was awarded the silver Jubilee Medal in 1935; married a member of the Sardar Sir Attar Singh Bhadaur family, and had issue.
    • Sardar Balbir Singh, born 1924.


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