KARAM SINGH MAN, an associate of the Bhangi Misl, belonged to the village of Mannawala in Amritsar district, and was a collateral of the Man/ Mann Jat Jagirdars of Mogalchak in Gujranwala. Karam Singh`s father Tara Singh with a group of horsemen, most of whom belonged to his own caste, captured a number of villages in Amritsar district about the middle of the eighteenth century. Karam Singh joined the Bhangi chiefship, and obtained Jagirs in Lahore, Sialkot and Amritsar districts.

He reconstructed his ancestral village, Mannawala. Karam Singh`s two sons, Ram Singh and Sham Singh, succeeded him but they severed their connections with the Bhangi Misaldars about the year 1780 they joined Sardar Mahan Singh of Sukerchakia. His grand daughter Sada Kaur, however, married a prominent Bhangi chief, Sobha Singh, tlie founder of Qila Sobha Singh in Sialkot district.

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