A Journey from Karnal to Mogalchak and back

Chaudhary Thind Singh Mann captured the fort of Ladia in present-day Karnal and brought fame and fortune to his family. He fought numerous battles against Sultans of Delhi and emerged victorious in most of them. Later on, he founded the village of Thedi Kakrsar in Mukhteshwar (Faridkot), which laid down the foundation of Mann kingdom. Later on one of his descendants, Chaudhary Bhagmal Singh Mann captured the regions of Naurang Mandi (Pakistan), Dabwali (Haryana) and Mor Sadarni (Punjab). His grandson distinguished himself as a great warrior and constructed the fort of Rathi in Patiala. After some years Chaudhary Kalu Singh Mann built the fort in Ferozepur and earned great fame by becoming the follower of Guru Har Rai. Chaudhary Kalu Singh Mann was a very fierce warrior, who defeated the Afghans and captured their strongholds. When the Sidhu Jats invaded his Kingdom, he fought very bravely, but in the end, he was forced to retreat and lost his kingdom.

He moved to Jhajjar and founded the village of Lowa Kalan and died naturally. His descendent Chaudhary Lad Singh was very ambitious and brave like his Fore-fathers; he collected a force of cavalry and went to Punjab to restore the lost glory of his family.

In the year of great Drought and Famine Ch. Lad Singh Left Delhi and moved to a waste country near Gujranwala and settled there. There he founded a little Village of Mann, and he was made headman over a circle of 22 Villages. His office of Chaudhary remained in the family for many Generations until the Mohammadan power declined.

Nikka, the fourth descendant from Chaudhary Lad Singh, found the village of Nikka Mann but it was lost soon due to non-fulfilment of Government demands, and then Mir Hamza, Governor of Imanabad, gave it to his brother Mirza Kilab. Kilab later destroyed it and built hard by a new Village of Mogalchak. The Mann Family purchased it from the descendants of Mirza Kilab later.

Descendants of Chaudhary Lad Singh Mann became renowned warriors and established the estates of Mannawala, Mogalchak, Bhanga.

Now the Mann’s are settled mostly in Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab), Kurukshetra, Karnal and Sirsa.

Written By :-

  • Miss. Aman Kaur Mann.
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