Kripal Singh Of Shamgarh was born into a DhillonJat family ,his ancestor came from the neighbourhood of Batinda in 1770, and received the Jagir of Shamgarh from Bhatti Jat ruler Sahib Singh of Ladwa, who had married his sister. He joined Sahib Singh in most of his expeditions, and received a share of whatever plunder was taken. His daughter, Bhag Bhari was married to Sidhi Jat ruler Kunwar Partab Singh of Jind. who gave her the villages of Asand and Salwan in dowry. Kirpal Singh was on the occasion presented with five villages in the Jind District of Safidon; but these were afterwards resumed by Maharaja Sarup Singh Of Jind. He died in 1830, leaving three sons, Deva Singh, Jai Singh and Fateh Singh.

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