Krishna Morh which was also known as “Krishna Singh Morh”. He was born in an ordinary Jat family. His father name was Sardar Kharak Singh. He was the elder brother of famous robinhood Jeona Morh’s , and had a younger sister named Bishen Kaur. He was social from the very beginning. He used to help the poor.During his youth, he met a Sardar named Jamal.And both of them together said a lot and distributed the robbery money among the poor.One day Jamal Sardar introduced him to another Sardar named Ahmed Dogar and Ahmed Dogar was a famous dacoit of Jind State. And together they committed dacoity for the next two years, and after adorning each other with turbans, they both swore to be turban brothers.

When Krishna Morh’s sister got engaged. Then the man with whom his sister got engaged was stopped and threatened on the way.due to which Krishna Morh killed the Jagirdar, And Jaimal was also involved in this incident. The Jagirdar was a relative of the Maharaja of Jind due to which he became enraged.And the race to catch Krishna Morh started. A reward of ₹500 was also named on him.But still Krishna Morh did not come into his hands.But Ahmed Dogar along with Jamal gave information about him. Krishna Morh did not have complete information about this, but he had a possibility about Jaimal that he had met the government. Due to which when Jaimal came to meet Krishna Morh, Krishna Morh killed him. Some time after that incident he met Ahmed Dongar. Also, information about Krishna Morh had already been given by Ahmed Dogar and when he was staying at Dagar’s house at night, he was surrounded and caught by the police at night itself.After this he was send to Cellular Jail, also called Kala Pani (Black Waters)where he died after being tortured a lot.

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