Major Maharaj Rana Nihal Singh Of Dholpur was born on 4th May 1863 as son of Rana Kulender Singh and succeeded Maharaj rana Bhagwant Singh on 9th February 1873 after his death. He was of 11 years of age when ascended to the throne in 1873.

He was married to H.H. Sri Pundrikganeshpuri Maharani Habans Kaur Sahiba, second daughter of Shahzada Shahdeo Singhji Bahadur, of Pundrik-Ganeshpur, in the Rae Bareli district, Oudh, of the house of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh of the Punjab, by his wife, a daughter of Kang Jat ruler Sardar Fateh Singh of Suga (Thanesar).

He assisted the British during the Tirah expedition in 1882, becoming one of the first Indian rulers to secure a commission and to serve in person in a Royal regiment. A near thirty-year reign saw advances in almost every field of government endeavour. He modernised the administration, organised public works, restored monuments, built hospitals, dispensaries and tanks, and created an extensive road and rail network. At his death in 1901, Dholpur possessed one of the most modern infrastructures of any Princely State.

He received honourary Major in the Central India Horse, and received the C.B. and Frontier Medal for services in the Tirah campaign.

He died July 1901. His successor was Maharajrana Ram Singh.

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