Attock was annexed in 1813 by Sher E Punjab in 1814, Yar Muhammad Khan, governor of Peshawar, with the help of the Khataks of Khairabad district, attacked the fort of Attock. Hukma Singh Chimni and Sardar Sham Singh of Atariwala were in the neighbourhood. They repelled Yar Muhammad Khan and drove him back to the western side of the Indus.

Ranjit Singh came to know in May 1816, that Wazir Fatah Khan (of Kabul) had gone to Kashmir by the road of Pakhli and Dhamtaur in the Hazara hills. He appointed Ram Dayal and Dal Singh at Attock to watch his movements. Thus Attock remained a permanent part of the Sarkar e Khalsa kingdom.

This battle was a major victory for Lahore army over the Afghans in a pitched battle. It paved the way for Maharaja Ranjit Singh for the conquest of Multan, Kashmir and Peshawar in future.

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