Sham Singh Narli (d.1739), was a great warrior who founded the Karora Singha Misl. Sham Singh was from a Jatt Sandhu family of village Narli, in Amritsar District of Punjab. He joined the Derah of Jathedar Nawab Kapur Singh (1697-1753), a Virk Jatt who was then the Jathedar (leader) of the Sikh fighting forces. He took Amrit Sanchaar (Sikh Initiation), at that time.

He starred actively participating in the activities of the Dal Khalsa. All the Sikhs sallying out from Majha region of Punjab joined Jathedar Nawab Kapur Singh.

In due course of time, Sham Singh became one of the most prominent men of Kapur Singh’s derah. He formed a group of ten or fifteen men and managed five or six horses and independently started his activities. Shortly, he was able to gather around him about three hundred horsemen. He came to Doaba region of Punjab and carried out the programmes chalked out by the Dal Khalsa. He took certain places under his protection and later occupied the same. He fought in many skirmishes against the Mughal government forces, always in the front ranks, and was never afraid of death or the enemy.

He always shared his meals with others and never ate alone. If ever he found that the Langar was not enough for the men Sitting in the pangat he would eat after all had taken their meals. He also partook of Langar with non Sikhs such as uncountables, down-trodden, who in society were given no respect, But in Sikhism all were welcomed.
He was sweet-tongued and a very devoted Sikh and for most of his time he recited the gurbani holy scriptures). Who ever came to him was duly baptised and converted into a Singh (Khalsa).

In 1739 He battled against the invading forces of Nadir Shah the ruler of Persia (Iran). After his death, he was succeeded by his nephew Karam Singh, who became the second leader of the Karora Singha Misl, he also kept the possessions of Sham Singh Narli intact.

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