Mullah Rahimdad, after his successful raid in the Biana and Agra districts, had returned to Deeg at the beginning of the rainy season, and pitched his camp under the shelter of the fortguns along with other commanders of the Jat army. He proved faithful to his paymasters while nothing very covetable tempted his fidelity. On the very night of Nawal Singh’s death the Ruhela determined to try his luck by a bold piece of treachery. “Having come to learn that the men inside the city had given themselves up to mourning and were neglecting the defence of the place, Rahimdad Khan considered this to be the most opportune moment, and got four or five thousand of his Ruhela soldiers ready for action. At first he himself with a few chosen companions went to the gate of the city which lay opposite to his camp, and secured entrance under the pretence of taking a mere stroll. He seized that gate, and with the assistance of his veteran soldiers, made himself master of the whole city. He posted Ruhelas at every gate to keep watch over it, and going to the door of Maharaja Jawahir Singh’s [palace] got hold of the person of his infant son Kheri Singh by deluding the ladies of his harem with smooth words of deception. He seated Kheri Singh on the masnad, and got himself appointed his Deputy” He established his authority over every department of the State after expelling from Deeg those officers of Nawal Singh who showed hostility to him. Rahimdad took into his pay and confidence a considerable number of Jat soldiers and made preparations to give battle to the Amir-uhumra. His attitude was a strange one ; he determined to hold Deeg in independent authority against the Emperor as well as the sons of Maharaja SurajMal. A counterrevolution was being planned against him in the fort of Kumher, where Maharaja Ranjit Singh secretly assembled all the loyal chiefs of his tribe and intrigued with those in the city of Deeg for the expulsion of the usurping mercenary leader. One night he started for Deeg with a select body of troops. He himself entered the fort with a few companions and directed Awlia Maratha, who had 2,000 horse with him, to attack the encampment of the Ruhelas outside the walls of Deeg. They executed their task with skill and bravery, and falling unawares upon the Ruhela camp threw it into utter confusion. Rahimdad on hearing this news hurriedly went out to the rescue of his camp without suspecting the trap laid for him by his clever enemy. In his absence the whole city of Deeg rose against his followers. Reassured by the presence of the prince even those Jats whom Rahimdad had taken into his service joined their brethren in destroying the faithless Ruhelas. Fighting men who had hitherto remained in concealment among the townsfolk issued out simultaneously from every street and lane and within a short time cleared the city of the Afghans, killing many and capturing a considerable number of them. Rahimdad, seeing that fortune would no longer befriend him in that country, marched away towards Delhi. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was installed at Deeg as Maharaja in he place of his nfant nephew Kheri Singh, whose claim was set aside in view of the great danger to the Jat Kingdom.


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