Kirpal Singh Mann was a Tall Handsome Mann Jat of the Mannawala Estate. He studied engineering at a prestigious college in Roorkee and also worked with the Punjab Irrigation Department as an Engineer for over 7 years. He began his life in Probyns horse.

He managed to earn considerable wealth and invested 18000 Acres of him which got him some 50000 per annum which was a huge amount in those days. He was a Darbari and a Zaildar of Mannawala. He was the wealthiest and most influential person of the family so he was regarded as the representative of the family.

Sardar Bahadur made Mannawala estate for his people. Grew Multifruit Orchids. He was the Honorary Magistrate of Mannawala. He was once invited by the British at the inaugural function for the New Capital in 1910. In that ceremony, he gave them Rs 50,000 and 500 Men with arms for the World War. Sardar Bahadur was the richest and influential landlord of that time and this earned him the title “Raja Kirpal Singh Mann”.

He had 3 Sons Sardar Mangal Singh, Sardar Jagjit Singh and Sardar Bahadur Kapur Singh.

Sardar Bahadur Kapur Singh who was an influential Politician was married to Rani Inder Kaur Daughter of Chaudhary Nihal Singh of Chuchakki Mallian. Sardar Bahdur Kapur Singh and Rani Inder Kaur had only one issue Sardar Janpal Singh.

Sardar Janpal Singh Lost his Father at the age of 9 but was perfectly raised by Rani Inder Kaur. He got his education from Aitchison College (formerly Punjab Chiefs’ College) one of the prestigious colleges of that time. He was fond of horses and Polo later he got Married in Gajinderpal Kaur who comes from an affluent Bajwa family of Sialkot.

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