After the battle of Shamli, the Sikhs advanced Ward Delhi. youth team that was busy Crossed the desolate Saharanpur district, probably in Baghpat, 20 miles north of Delhi, and joined Buddha Dal in the neighbourhood of Kharkhoda, 20A mile east of Rohtak and a day’s march from Delhi.

Najib-ud-daula followed him closely and when They stayed in the neighborhood of Buwana, they had camped In Sarai Sitaram. Since Najib’s men were alert And ready to offer war, the Sikhs proceeded to plunder and plunder the Jat king’s country, a little south of Delhi.

Maharaha Jawahar Singh was the Maharaja of Bharatpur. Already hard pressure by the Marathas. he, therefore, Neither did the Sikhs want war with the Sikhs nor did the Sikhs want war with them. Consequently he sought peace and started talks with him through his lawyer Ram Kishore Ahir. As in olden times, he practiced the matriarchy to put an end to the activities of the robbers, and hired a body of 25,000 of his horses to fight the Marathas on his side. Jassa Singh Alhuwalia, Tara Singh, Sham Singh and two other Jat Sardars remained here, while others were spread across the country. Najib-ud-Daulah’s and again started destroying the villages of Mian Doab. Najeeb followed the mas far as Sonipat district and then they left for their homes. Maharaja Jawahir Singh and the Sikhs made a plan a plan of action and it looks like the decision has been made to bend the concentration Maratha army from Jats. The boundaries of the kingdom by attacking his ally Raja Madho Singh of Jaipur consequently the Sikhs marched there and decided to plunder the prosperous city of Rewari Way. Below we give an interesting account of the robbery. In the words of Nur-ud-din of Rewari :- “Sikh, bye Forcibly marched in the night, 42 Kos raided from their Place, at Rewari City, 30 Kos from Delhi, and near Mewat. They looted and burnt and taken captive (for ransom). This city was flourishing-was included in the jagir of Shing and Raja Nagar for a long time Mal Khatri, a high civil official King. amil of place on behalf of the king Nagar Mal was completely off his guard; she now shuts herself in a mansion, and with a few hundred foot soldiers that he fought all day, and at night, reasoned His knowledge of the country, influenced his escape It was (though) completely ruined, and went area of Jat ruler Raja Jahan Nagar Mal was himself. the ryot Rewari was heavily plundered; only people Who reached Gokulgarh (a fort) built by the landowners of that place, and stand half a kos from Rewari, stay safe The Sikhs then entered the territory of Raja Madho Singh of Jaipur, and joined Jawahar Singh’s Army started robbing Villages and the city unopposed, and The coat putty was dismissed. Dulerai(The Bakshi) and Jai Chand (Khan-i-Saman) was away from Jaipur to lay siege For the fort of Kanaud held by Ratan Singh Khangarot, A rebel chief against Jaipur Sikhs made seven camps Or eight miles away. Sikh forces were heavy and madho Singh Inn Speak Helplessness appealed to Help the Maratha by promising to give a daily allowance of Rs 5,000 through spending. Scindia’s contingent was immediately sent against Maharaja Jawahar Singh, while Sikh Bought by the Jaipur Raja.

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