Coat Of Arms




Princely State


Hindi Name


Gun Salutes

17(19 local)


144,948 square km(1766)
5,123 square km(1931)

Time Period

14th century-1676 (jagir of Sinsini), 1676-1722 (Principality of Sinsini), 1722-1947 (Kingdom of Bharatpur)

Title of Ruler

Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai (personal name) Singhji Bahadur Jang


For early History see Sinsinwar Dynasty

Bharatpur (Princely State) flag

Flag of bharatpur

Thakur Brajraj, the founder of the Bharatpur State held Sinsini as a vassal of the Mughal Empire. He rebelled against the Emperor Aurangjeb and joined the Ram Dal. Beginning his predatory career with 200 followers, he soon gained proportions which enabled him to plunder the baggage of the Mughal army on its way to Dakhan and take possession of Au(1677) by expelling the imperial garrison. Sinsini was attacked and captured(1682) and Brajraj and his fourth son Bhao Singh were killed in the defence. Aniram,Rup Singh and Badan Singh, the sons of Bhao Singh, were given the jagir of Deeg and Raja Ram the nephew of Braj became the successor of Brajraj. Raja Ram recaptured Au and Sinsini(1683) . Raja Ram through his brilliance and expert military leadership was able to take control of Uchain, Nadbai, Helak, Sonkher-Sonkhri, Kathumbar, Bhusawar, Kaman and several other parganas. He defeated several Mughal commanders including Nawab Kahan I Jahan (Uncle of Aurangjeb), Prince Bidar Bhakt(grandson of Aurangjeb) and Shaista Khan(Subahdar of Agra province). Raja Ram met his end at the battlefield of Bijal(4th July 1688). Raja Ram was succeeded by his elder son Jorawar Singh . Jorawar Singh was captured by Mughal forces in the month January, 1690, after the Siege of Sinsini. He was executed in the most brutal fashion. Jorawar Singh was succeeded by his brother Fateh Singh. Fateh Singh was a leader of mediocre ability. Fateh abducted the throne in favour of his uncle Churaman(son of Braj Raj). Rao Churaman made Thun his capital, he recaptured Sinsini and several other parganas. He became the de facto ruler of the country between the city of Delhi and the river Chambal. He died in the year 1721,after swallowing a dose of poison. He was succeeded by his eldest son Mukham Singh. Raja Mukham Singh was very unpopular among the Sinsinwars, he was challenged by his causin Badan Singh of Deeg. Badan Singh made an alliance with the Mughal authority and was finally able to defeat Mukham Singh in 1721 (Siege of Thun) . He was crowned the next king and laid the foundation of the what would came to be known as the kingdom of Bharatpur.

Badan Singh was succeeded on the throne by his eldest son Sujan Singh who is most popularly known as Maharaja Surajmal. He was a man of extraordinary ability and under him the Sinsinwars saw their golden days. His kingdom included Eastern Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh. Suraj Mal was mortally wounded during a skirmish with the Mughal forces near Shahadara. He was succeeded by his son Jawahar Singh. Maharaja Jawahar Singh expanded the territory and captured territory as far as Kalpi in the east and Bhiwani in the west. He was assassination near Agra. He was shortly followed by Maharaja Ratan Singh who was then followed his minor son Maharaja Kehri Singh. A civil war took place for the regency of the minor king, taking advantage of which the Mughals and Maratha both invaded the Bharatpur kingdom and reduced it to it lowest. Kehri Singh died of an unknown disease and was followed by Ranjit Singh who was then the only surviving son of Maharaja Surajmal. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was able to take reconquer of some of the lands held by his father. In the year 1805, the Britishers under Lord Lake attacked Bharatpur, however they were defeated. A peace treaty was finally signed between the kingdom of Bharatpur and the Britishers after the war. Bharatpur became a princely state of the British Empire and the Sinsinwar Dynasty ruled over it till independence.


  • Thakur Sua/Sobhu, defeated the Kalals/Chandars and founded Sinsini over their land, established Sinsina/Sursain temple at Sinsini married Devsani and became originator of Sinsinwar Dynasty of Sinsini, had issue a son(Surad)
  • Thakur Surad(Raja Ram I/Ramji), Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issue(see below)
  • Thakur Lakhansingh, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issue a son(see below)
  • Thakur Harishchandra, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issue,
    • Thakur Shri Suraj Singh (see below)
    • Thakur Shri Biraj, Thakur of Kasot, founded the estate of Kasot, married and had issues,
      • Thakur Shri Gajraj, Thakur of Kasot, married and had issues, (Thakurs of Kasot) (see Kasot)
      • Thakur Shri Indraraj, Thakur of Awar , founded the estate of Awar, married and had issues, the Awaria sept of Sinsinwar clan(see Dahra)
      • Thakur Raisi Singh, Thakur of Raesees, founded the estate of Raesees.(married and had issues, (Thakurs of Raesees) (see Raesees)
      • Thakur Bhao Singh, Thakur of Usrani, founded the estate of Usrani
      • Thakur Shri Mohchand, Thakur of Moroli
      • Thakur Shri Kehchandra, Thakur of Sutari
      • Kunwar Shri Arjun(descendants founded Khumher)
  • Thakur Shri Suraj Singh (Suraje), Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issues,
    • Thakur Shri Dhandhapala of Sinsini(see below)
    • Kumwar Shri Dharmapala
  • Thakur Shri Dhandhapala of Sinsini,
    • Thakur Shri Bhima Singh(see below)
  • Thakur Shri Bhima Singh, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issue
    • Thakur Shri Malu Singh (see below)
    • Thakur Shri Vijay Singh of Paingor
    • Thakur Shri Raiser of Gadoli
    • Thakur Shri Anai Singh of Takha
    • Kunwar Shri Samhar left descendant(Thok Samhar of Sinsini)
    • Thakur Shri Pohker of Gatholi
    • Thakur Shri Udai Singh of Panwada
    • Kunwar Shri Sober
    • Kunwar Shri Muktisar
  • Thakur Shri Malusingh, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issues,
    • Thakur Shri Bhima Singh II(see below)
    • Thakur Shri??? , left issue(shareholder in Paingor )
  • Thakur Shri Bhima Singh II, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issues,
    • Thakur Shri Bhoj Singh of Sinsini(see below)
    • Kunwar Shri Karamsar
  • Thakur Shri Bhoj Singh (Bhajja) of Sinsini
    • Thakur Shri Kamadeva(see below)
    • Thakur Shri Ramadeva, Thakur of Khohri
    • Kunwar Shri Gangdeva
  • Thakur Shri Kamadeva, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issues,
    • Thakur Shri Bhure Singh of Sinsini(see below)
    • Thakur Shri Sur Singh of Ashtawan
  • Thakur Shri Bhure Singh of Sinsini, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issues,
    • Thakur Shri Rauria Singh of Sinsini, (see below)
    • Kunwar Shri Achpa
    • Kunwar Shri Hanuwant
    • Kunwar Shri Puran
    • Thakur Shri Nahar Singh of Nahroli
  • Thakur Shri Rauria Singh, Thakur of Sinsini,married and had issues
    • Thakur Madhu Singh of Sinsini(see below)
    • Thakur Shri Uday Singh(Singha), Thakur of Garh Ghirsa, crossed the Yamuna river and founded the stronghold of Ghirsa, joined the Ram Dal and rebelled against the Mughal Empire, captured by the imperial forces after the Siege of Tilpat(1669), executed at Agra Kotwali on 1st Jan, 1670,left no issue
    • Kunwar Shri Rati Singh
    • Kunwar Shri Range
  • Thakur Shri Madusingh, Thakur of Sinsini, succeeded his father Rauri Singh as the Thakur of Sinsini, joined the Ram Dal and rebelled against the Mughal Empire, remembered as ‘Shahi ko Ursal'(thorn in the chest of Shahjahan),fell fighting against forces of Mirza Raja Jai Singh of Amber near Mahawan in 1651, married and had issue
    • Thakur Shri Sindhraj of Sinsini(see below
    • Thakur Shri Kanhardeva /Gokula of Tilpat, Thakur of Tilpat, lead the Ram Dal against the Mughal Empire, killed Fauzdar Nawab Abun Nabi Khan at the Battle of Sihora(16, May, 1666), he plundered the pargana of Sadabad and other parts of Doab, was captured at the Battle of Tilpat(1690) by Emperor Auragjeb, executed at Agra Kotwali on 1st January 1670. left no issue
    • Kunwar Shri Bamman Singh
    • Kunwar Shri Jamman Singh
  • Thakur Shri Sindhraj of Sinsini, Thakur of Sinsini, rebelled with his father against the Mughal Empire, d. at the Battle of Sinsini(1652), married and had issues,
    • Thakur Shri Prithiviraj
    • Thakur Shri Gangu of Gangawana
    • Kunwar Shri Bhojraj
  • Thakur Shri Prithviraj, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issues
    • Thakur Shri Makan Singh of Sinsini(see below)
    • Kunwar Shri Hasan Singh
    • Kunwar Shri Jamal Singh
    • Kunwar Shri Dhirmi
    • Kunwar Shri Pratap Singh
  • Thakur Shri Makan Singh, Thakur of Sinsini, married and had issue
    • Thakur Shri Khan Chand of Sinsini
  • Thakur Shri Khan Chand, zamindar of Sinsini, rebelled against the Mughal Empire and became a leading member of the Ram Dal, married and had issues, 4 sons
    • Thakur Brajraj(see below)
    • Kunwar Jujhar Singh(Jujha) stayed at Sinsini, served his brother Thakur Brajraj of Sinsini, married and had issues.
      • Kunwar Peju Singh, stayed at Sinsini, married and had issues (Peju Thok of Sinsini).
      • Thakur Shri Bhajan Singh, Thakur of Hingoli, founded the estate of Hingoli, had issues.
    • Kunwar Jain Singh stayed at Sinsini, served his brother Thakur Brajraj of Sinsini, married and had issues,
      • Thakur Shri Tundal Singh, Thakur of Gangar Soli, founded the estate of Gangar Soli, had issues.
      • Kunwar Giasi Singh, stayed at Sinsini, married and left issue(Giasi Thok of Sinsini).
    • Kunwar Bhagwant Singh(Bhajja) , stayed at Sinsini, served his brother Thakur Brajraj of Sinsini, married and had issues.(see Ajau)
      • Raja Ram Singh, Raja of Sinsini, established his supremacy over the Kated tract, married and had issue
        • Raja Shri Jorawar Singh, Raja of Sinsini, married,captured at the Siege of Sinsini(1688), murdered with his wife and children at the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb.
        • Thakur Shri Fateh Singh, 1st Thakur of Ajau, married and left descendant (see Ajau)
      • Kunwar Bhujaram
  • Thakur Shri Brajraj/Bhunta (16??-1682), zamindar of Sinsini, revolted against the Mughal Empire ,and joined the Ram Dal in 1670s , conquered the pargana of Au in 1677, and established the independent principality of Sinsini, took the title of ‘Braj Raj', perished fighting Mughal forces at the Siege of Sinsini(1682), married 1stly with Indra Kaur, of Chahar clan, daughter of Chaudhary Bhagram Singh of Akola and 2ndly with Amrit Kaur, of Bisayati/Bains clan,daughter of Chaudhary Chandrasen of Chiksana, left issues,
    • Kunwar Gaj Sngh, son of Thakurani Indra Kaur, left no descendant.
    • Kunwar Budh Singh, son of Thakurani Amit Kaur, married and had issues.
    • Rao Shri Churaman Singhji Bahadur(16??-1721),ruler of Thun, son of Thakurani Amrit Kaur, selected as the head of the Sinsinwar clan in the year 1696 after his nephew Fateh Singh relinquished his rights, made Thun his capital and became the de facto ruler of the whole territory between Delhi and Chambal, received the titles of ‘Rao’ and ‘Bahadur' from Emperor Bahadur Shah, committed suicide by taking poison in the month of September/October, 1721, married and had issues
      • Raja Shri Mukham Singhji Bahadur ,ruler of Thun, inherited his fathers dominions, took the title of ‘Raja', was ousted by his causin Raja Badan Singh of Deeg from Thun in 1721, later consolidated with the Deeg family and settled in the Kingdom of Bharatpur, spend his last day in Ajmer, married a Deswal Jat lady ,daughter of Chaudhary of Kailuri and had issues.
      • Thakur Shri Zulkaran Singhji, Thakur of Kotari of Thun, inherited a share of his fathers property, quarrelled with his brother Mukham Singh over the possession of Garoo taluqa(left by Thakur Chatra Singh a relative who died childless) , reconciled with his brother after the death of his father, defeated Sadat Khan and annexed khalisa land of the Mughal Empire, was defeated and ousted from Thun by Raja Badan Singh of Deeg, he later took shelter with the Marathas in the Deccan, returned to Braj and consolidated with the Deeg-Bharatpur family, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Than Singhji, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Bhaktawar Singhji, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Chand Singhji, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Kirat Singhji, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Sujan Singhji, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Devi Singhji, married and left issue.
      • Thakur Shri Jaikaran Singhji, married and left issue.
    • Thakur Shru Atiram Singhji(son of Amrit Kaur),Thakur of Halena, son of Thakurani Amrit Kaur, established the jagir of Halena which consisted of 260 villages including the town of Bhusawar, left issues
      • Thakur Shri Singhramji/Sawairamji, Thakur of Halena, succeeded his father as the Thakur of Helena. married and left issue(Thakurs of Halena) ,
      • Thakur Shri Shardul Singhji, Thakur of Pathena, conquered the jagir of Pathena from the Gadasia Jat chief Sardar Vijayram, left issues(14 kotariband houses of Pathena descended from his 14 sons) (see Pathena)
    • Kunwar Bhao Singhji(16??-1682),son of Thakurani Amrit Kaur, died fighting against the Mughal forces during the Siege of Sinsini in the year 1682, married Kunwarani Radha Kaur, of Sogarwar clan, sister of Thakur Achal Singh of Sogar and had issues
      • Thakur Shri Aniram/Ajairam Singhji(16??-1716), Thakur of Deeg, started his career as the head of 100 sawars under his uncle Raja Ram Singh of Sinsini, proved his valour against the Mughal army, made Deeg his headquarters and took control of the whole pargana of Deeg, established the jagir of Deeg which became the predecessor to the Kingdom of Bharatpur, died fighting against the Mughal army in the second week of November, 1716 near Thun. left no issue
      • Thakur Shri Rup Singhji(16??-1622), Thakur of Deeg, successed his elder brother(Aniram)as the Thakur of Deeg, added the pargana of Kumher to his possession and bestowed it upon his younger brother Badan Singh, known for building Rup Sarovar at the town Deeg and the temple of Nand Rai at the town of Nandgaon, he revolted against his uncle(Rao Churaman) and joined Sadat Khan, died around the year 1622, left no issue
      • Raja Mahendra ‘Braj Raj' Badan Singh, King of Deeg,(see below)
  • Raja Shri Mahendra ‘Braj Raj' Badan Singhji, King of Deeg(r.1722 – 1756),founded the kingdom of Deeg/Bharatpur, ousted his cousin Raja Mukham Singh from Thun and became the head of the Sinsinwar clan, signed a treaty with the Mughal Empire and was granted the titles of ‘Raja’, ‘Mahindra ‘and ‘Braj Raj'. Elected as the deputy governer of Agra and received a portion of his uncle’s(Churaman) vast dominion. m. several times, 1stly Rani Devki of Beniwal clan, daughter of Chaudhary Akhairam Singh of Kamar, at Kamar,2ndly Rani Subhodara of Beniwal clan, another daughter of Chaudhary Akhairam Singh of Kamar,3rdly Rani Sahjauh , daughter of Chaudhary Patram of Kathumbar, 4thly Rani Satya Kaur and 5thly Rani Maya Kaur, both of Rijwar clan(daughters of Chaudhary Raderam ) ,6thly Rani Bajjo ,of Maderan clan, daughter of Rai Kriparam Singh of Sahar, at Sahar,in the year 1724 , 7thly Rani Tursa of Deswar clan, 8thly Rani Sarup Kaur of Sorot clan(daughter of Chaudhary Ram Singh, 9thly Rani Anusia of Sorot clan,daughter of Chaudhary Balla of Halena, 10thly Rani Sada Kaur a Rajput lady of Naunera, 11thly Rani Pranba Kaur of Bhagore clan, daughter of Chaudhary Bhup Singh of Garhner , 12thly Rani Jamoda, daughter of Chaudhary Rama of Agra and several others. had issues.
    • Maharaja Surajmal (see Bharatpur)
    • Raja Pratap Singh Bahadur of Weir, given the principality of Weir by his father and the titles of ‘Raja' and ‘Bahadur’, married and left issue. (see Weir)
    • Thakur Akhai Singh of Akhaigarh, given the jagir of Nam by his father, founded the town of Akhaigarh after his name, married and left issue.
    • Thakur Ram Kishen of Mahloni,
    • Thakur Guman Singh of Gadoli
    • Thakur Kushal Singh of Agahwali
    • Thakur Lal Singh of Suhans
    • Thakur Dalel Singh of Ashtawan
    • Thakur Bhawani Singh of Senthari
    • Thakur Umed Singh of Nuh Bachamandi
    • Thakur Jodh Singh of Bajoli
    • Thakur Devi Singh of Peepali
    • Thakur Bir Narayan of Bansi
    • Thakur Ram Bal of Khatka
    • Thakur Sabha Ram of Hasanpur
    • Thakur Surat Singh of Khohra
    • Thakur Man Singh of Gadoli(shared with Guman Singh)
    • Rani?? Kaur, married to Raja Balram Singh of Ballagarh, had issue(see Ballabgarh Kingdom)
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra SURAJ MAL Bahadur, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1756/1763, born about February 1707, took the title of Maharaja Brajendra Bahadur, he took a large part in the numerous struggles of the first half of the 18th century between the Mughals, Marathas, Rohillas and Afghans and extended his borders until they included Haryana, Doab, Eastern Rajasthan and Braj, twice laid siege to Delhi, known as the Plato of the Jats, had 14 wives including a) Maharani Hansia Devi of Naharwar clan(daughter of Chaudhary Shri Ratiram Singh, jagirdar of Salempur), b) Maharani Kishori Devi of Solanki clan(daughter of Chaudhary Shri Kashiram, jagirdar of Hodal),c) Maharani Ganga Devi of Solanki clan(daughter of Shri Hira Singh of Madhamai , some source mentions Bachchamadi as her native village) d) Maharani Khet Kunwar of Nauhwar clan(daughter of Chaudhary Shri Bhagmal, jagirdar of Bajna),e) Maharani Hans Kaur of Ponia clan(sister of Rao Durjan Singh, ruler of Atrauli/Bijauli),f) Maharani Gangai Devi/Gauri of Kachawaha Rajput clan(daughter of Berisal of Dimasiri or Amah), i) Maharani Kishen Kaur of Nauhwar clan(daughter of Chaudhary Rajaram Singhji, jagirdar and tappa chaudhary of Awakhera), j) Maharani Rupmati of Nagla Tehria, k) Maharani Kalyan Kaur of Garasia clan (daughter of Sardar Shri Vijayram , jagirdar of Pathena),l) Maharani Kavaria Devi of Saini caste(native of Manka village) ,m) Maharani Mohini Devi, n) Gaya Devi of Solanki clan (daughter of Thakur Shri Bhagwant Singh,taluqdar of Ar Lashkarpur), o) Maharani Kaviraj Kaur of Solanki clan(daughter of Chaudhary Shri Ramkishen Singh, jagirdar of Banchari), p) Maharani Indra Kaur of Mori clan(daughter of Thakur Shri Tularam, jagirdar of Belara), q) Sada Kaur and Jas Kaur, both sisters of Solanki clan(residence of Banchari) etc. left issue and had issue. He died 25th December 1763.
    • Maharaja Jawahar Singh(son of Ganga Devi) see below
    • Maharaja Ratan Singh, (son of Ganga Devi) (qv)
    • Maharaja Ranjit Singh, (son of Khet Kaur)(qv)
    • Rao Raja Nahar Singhji Bahadur of Dholpur , son of Maharani Hansia, received the jagir of pargana Dholpur, Bari, Sirmathura, Kheragarh, Rajakhera and Pinahat from his father. m. a daughter of Sardar Sitaram Dide of Kotwan(d. by sati at Shahpura, December 1763). Proclaimed as Maharaja at Bharatpur by Bakshi Bal Ram Naharwar on receipt of news of his father's death, was opposed by Maharani Kishori,Rao Rup Ram and Jawahar Singh. Fled to Dholpur but was pursued by his brother Maharaja Jawahir Singh and expelled. He fled to Jaipur and from there to Shahpura where he d. by suicide, 6th December 1766.
    • Rao Raja Nawal Singhji Bahadur, son of Kavaria Devi, regent to his nephew(Keshri Singh), defeated his brother Ranjit Singh in the Civil War of recency, married Achan Kaur of Dinda clan(daughter of Sardar Sitaram Dinda of Kotwan),
    • Thakur?? (Son of Rupmati) of Bachhamadi Thakuran.
    • Bibiji?? Kaur, married Thakur of Achnera
  • Maharaja Shri Bharatendra Sawai JAWAHIR SINGH Bahadur, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1763/1768, adopted by Maharani Kishori Devi, took the title of 'Bharatendra Sawai’. won the civil war against his brother Rao Raja Nahar Singh of Dholpur, attacked Delhi and signed a peace treaty with the Mughals, defeated the Marathas and conquered all the territories upto Kalpi(Jalaun), married more then once, was murdered at Agra in 1768.left no issue. Succeeded by his brother Ratan Singh.
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai RATAN SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1768/1771 or 1768/1769, married a) Maharani Satbhama of Kuntal clan(daughter of Thakur of Santurak/Ol),b) a lady of Dinde clan daughter of Sardar Sitaram Dide of Kotwan, left issue, son and successor. He was murdered after a short reign.
    • Maharaja Keshri Singh(son of Rani Satbhama)(qv)
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai KESHRI SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1771 or 1769/1776, died 1776. A minor, a civil war erupted for the regency which resulted in the decline of the kingdom, Marathas and Mughals both attacked the Kingdom and reduced it to it’s lowest. Succeeded by his uncle .
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai RANJIT SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1776/1805, during his reign, Succeeded on the death of his nephew, 28th March 1778 and ascended the gadi at the Gopal Bhavan, Deeg, 29th March 1778. Najaf Khan, stripped him of all his possessions leaving only the fort of Bharatpur and territory of nine lakhs in value; he retook control of 11 of the districts to which a further 3 districts were later added, which afterwards remained as Bharatpur State; he provided assistance to General Lake at Agra in 1803 and was rewarded with a number of districts, however the following year, in November 1804 at the Battle of Deeg, he made open war on the British forces, repelling four assaults on the fort of Bharatpur, he made peace with the Britishers and a new treaty was made on 4th May 1805; m. a) Maharani Sarupi, of the Rajput race, inhabitant of Karha in Bundelkhand, b) Maharani Ram Kaur, of Mor clan daughter of Thakur of Undhera, c)Rani Prem Kaur, the daughter of Chaudhuri Muisi, inhabitant of Sanwarah? , d) Rani ??,the daughter of Chand Singh Chahar, Chaudhury of Agra and had issue. He died 1805.
    • Maharaja Randhir Singh (qv)
    • Maharaja Baldeo Singh (qv)
    • Rao Rajaj Hardeo Singh
    • Rao Raja Lachman Singh, married and had issue.
      • Rao Raja Durjan Sal ,1825/1826 (usurped the throne), he opposed his cousin's accession and imprisoned him, British forces eventually laid siege to Bharatpur lasting six weeks and on 18th January 1826, the fort was stormed by the troops of Lord Combermere and dismantled, he was then imprisoned at Allahabad.
      • Rao Raja Madho Singh
      • Rao Raja Umrao Singh, married and had issue.
        • Rao Raja Ajit Singh, married and had issue.
          • Rao Raja Jugal Saran Singh
      • Rao Raja Bakhat Singh
      • Rao Raja Prithvi Singh
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai RANDHIR SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1805/1823, married Maharani Sri Lakshmi Kaur , died 1823. succeeded by his younger brother.
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai BALDEO SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1823/1825, m. (first) Maharani Sri Amrit Kaurji Sahiba. m.(second) H.H. Maharani Sri Miraj Kaurji Sahiba, Regent for her infant son, 19th January 1826 to 1835. ,had issue. He died 1825.
    • Maharaja Balwant Singh (qv)
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai BALWANT SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1826/1853, born 1819, he was imprisoned by his cousin in 1825, but restored to the gadi in January 1826, under the Regency of his mother and the superintendence of the Political Agent, the Rani was removed later that same year and a Council of Regency was put in place; married and had issue. He died 1853.
    • Maharaja Jaswant Singh (qv)
  • Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai JASWANT SINGH, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1853/1893, born 1851, during his reign the State rendered loyal assistance to the British Government in 1857 and maintained order in the vicinity of Bharatpur; the state was administered by a Council under the Political Agent until 1872 when he was granted full ruling powers; married (first) ,in 1859, Maharani Bishan Kaur, daughter of Maharaja Narendra Singh of Patiala, (second) Maharani Sri Nihal Kaurji Sahiba, daughter of Sardar Roop Singh, of Attari, Punjab. m. (third) , H.H. Maharani Sri Maaji Darya Kaur Sahiba, daughter of Chaudhary Narain Singh, of Beda, m. (fourth) H.H. Maharani Sri Ajmat Kaurji Sahiba , daughter of Chaudhary Inder Singh, of Balipur,. m. (fifth) H.H. Maharani Sri Gokul Kaurji Sahiba [Maaji Jaginewali], daughter of Chaudhary Bhole Singhji of Jhagina, had issue.
    • Maharajkumar Bhagwan Singh (by Rani Bishan Kaur), died 4th December 1869.
    • Maharaja Ram Singh (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Sri Narain Singhji Bahadur.( (by Gokul Kaurji)) b. 30th November 1886. He died. at Deeg, 18th April 1892.
    • Rao Raja Raghunath Singh, born 7th January 1887, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer 1895/1905 (Class-Captain 1903/1905), then with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehra Dun; he was appointed to the Bharatpur State Council in 1911, married . Rani Mohan Kaurji Sahiba , daughter of Chaudhuri Shri Bansidharji, of Barkoli, and had issue. He died in 1943.
      • Rao Raja Sri Yaduraj Singh. b., 30th November 1913, educ. Mayo Coll, Ajmer. m. , Rani Harinder Kaur Sahiba, daughter of Chaudhuri Uday Singh, of Gharbara. He d. at Bharatpur, 8th May 1970, having had issue:
        • Rao Raja Sri Raghuraj Singh. b. at Raghunath Niwas, Bharatpur, 26th October 1940, educ. Mayo Coll, Ajmer, and St Peter’s Sch, Rajasthan Univ (BA), Jaipur, and Agra Univ (MA Econ, LLB). Presdt Bharat Krishak Samaj, Hon Wild Life Warden of Keola Deo National Park, keen ornithologist and member of various birding societies. m. 14th July 1967, Rani Rita Kaur Sahiba, daughter of Rao Amarjit Singhji, of Kuchesar, had issues with two sons and two daughters :-
          • Kanwar Shivraj Singh. born at Kuchesar Fort, UP, 6th February 1972, educ. at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, at the University of Rajasthan (BA), and the School of Business Administration, New Delhi (MBA), married on 22nd May 1997, Kanwarani Kanak Kaur, née Kumari Nidhi, daughter of Kunwar K.K. Singh, of Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh. He d.v.p. 31st August 2002, having had issue, one son :-
            • Kanwar Pukhraj Singh. born in 15th February 1999.
          • Kanwar Deepraj Singh. born at Kuchesar Fort, UP, 8th August 1973, educ. Colonel Brown’s School, Dehra Dun, and Delhi University (BA), was married to Kanwarani Suchitra Singh, daughter of Chaudhury Satveer Singh from Delhi.
          • Kanwarani Bibiji Kiran Kaur. born at Raghunath Niwas, Bharatpur, 21st August 1968. married 27th January 1989, Kanwar Sanjay Lamba (b. at Jallandar, Punjab), of Daulatpur, educ. at the Doon School, Dehra Dun, and Rajasthan University (LLB), Jaipur, son of Shri T.S. Lamba, sometime Chief Engineer Haryana state PWD. She has issue, one son and one daughter :-
            • Dhananjaya Lamba. born at Delhi, 16th January 1995.
            • Pooja Lamba. born at Delhi, 10th December 1990.
          • Kanwarani Bibiji Meenakshi Kaur. born at Raghunath Niwas, Bharatpur, 13th November 1969, was married in 22nd January 1991 to Kanwar Vivek Singh Chaudhary (born at Jaipur, 20th January 1963), educ. at Mayo College, Ajmer, and Thapar Engineering College, Patiala, Punjab (B.Sc. Eng.), Production Manager ITC, Calcutta, son of Shri Dalip Singh Chaudhary, sometime Chief Engineer Rajasthan state Irrigation department , She has issues with two daughters :-
            • Bibiji Vasantika Singh
            • Bibiji Vinaka Singh
    • Maharajkumari Sri Bibaji ... Kaurji Sahiba. born at Khas Kothi, Lohagarh, Bharatpur, 1876.
    • Maharajkumari Sri Bibaji Umrao Kaurji Sahiba [Sardarni Umrao Kaurji Sahiba, of Shahzadpur]. born at Khas Kothi, Lohagarh, Bharatpur, ca. 1889 (d/o Rani Daryab Kaur), married at Lohagarh, Bharatpur, 22nd November 1901 to Sandhu Jatchief Colonel Meherban-i-Dostan, Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh (born at Lahore, 1893), sometime Military Sec to the Maharaja of Patiala, elder son of Colonel Meherban-i-Dostan, Sardar Jiwan Singh Bahadur, CSI, of Shahzadpur, in the Ambala dist of the Punjab, by his wife, Sardarni Bachtiar Kaur Sahiba, daughter of H.H. Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia, Mansur-i-Zaman, Amir ul-Umara, Maharajadhiraja Raj Rajeshwar Yadu Vansha Vatans Bhatti Kul Bushan Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan, Maharaja Sir Mahendra Singh Mahendra Bahadur, Maharaja of Patiala, GCSI. She had issue, two sons - see (Patiala).
      • Maharajkumari Sri Bibaji Sajjan Kaurji Sahiba [Sardarni Sajjan Kaur Sahiba, of Raja Sansi]. born at Khas Kothi, Lohagarh, Bharatpur, 1890 (d/o Rani Gokul Kaurji). m. at Lohagarh, Bharatpur, 16th February 1900, Sardar Bahadur Raghbir Singh Sandhawalia, of Raja Sansi, CIE, OBE (born 1889; m.second, 1945, Sardarni Ahalya Bai, and died at Merlin Park, Tutikandi, Simla, 1965), sometime President Khalsa Defence League of India, only son of Raja Bakshish Singh Sandhawalia, of Raja Sansi, in the Amritsar dist of the Punjab, by his second wife, a cousin of the Raja of Faridkot. She was died in 1943.
  • HH Shri Brijindar Sawai Maharaja RAM SINGH Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1893/1900, born 9th September 1872 at Lohagarh, Bharatpur; installed 25th December 1893, removed from the administration of his state in 1895 and finally deposed in June 1900; married 1stly, Maharani Kishan Kaur , daughter of Sikarwar Jat zamindar of Sapera, in the Aligarh district. married 2ndly, HH Maharani Giriraj Kaur daughter of a zamindar of Deoli, in Bharatpur state, died after 1918 and before 1931, and had issue, two sons and two daughters. He died in September 1929 at Agra.
    • Lt.Col. HH Shri Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai Kishan Singh Bahadur Jang (by Maharani Giriraj Kaur)(qv)
    • Maharaj Giriraj Singh
    • Maharajkumari Gajindar Kaur, married, Sardar Shamsher Singh, of Rae Bareli.
    • Maharajkumari Gokul Kaur, married, Sardar Kartar Singh , younger son of Sardar Jiwan Singh of Shahzadpur.
  • Lt.Col. HH Shri Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai KISHAN SINGH Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1900/1929, born 4th October 1899, K.C.S.I. [cr.1926]; he succeeded to the gadi on 27th August 1900; educated at Mayo College, Ajmer (College Diploma 1916) and for a short time at Wellington College, England in 1914; he was granted full ruling powers on 28th November 1918 (#3 p.274), he was responsible for a number of reforms in the state of Bharatpur, including a reorganization of the army in 1919, Hindi was made the state language, primary education was made compulsory, Ayurvedic hospitals were set up, an exhibition to promote trade and arts was set up on an annual basis, the introduction of a system of participation of public in state affairs through credit banks, issuing society and village panchayat acts was started, the Brij-mandal in Shimla was established, and Social Reform Acts were enacted; he was appointed an Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army on 24th October 1921, he presided over the Jat Mahasabha Adhiveshan organized at Pushkar in 1925; in consequence of the disorganisation of the State Administration and Finances he was deprived of his ruling powers in September 1928; married 3rd March 1913, a daughter of Kunwar Gajindar Singh of Faridkot, died 18th August 1929, and had issue, four sons and three daughters. He died 27th March 1929.
    • HH Shri Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Brijendra Singh Bahadur Jang (qv)
    • Rao Raja Gajendra Singh [Girendra Raj Singh], died 1940.
    • Rao Raja Edward Man Singh, born in July 1920 (1922?), married Rani Anant Mala, Princess of Kagal Junior, born 1926, died 1991, and had issue, three daughters. He died in February 1985.
      • Rajkumari Girrendra Kaur, born 5th November 1946, married 23rd May 1972, Brig. Jitendra Pal Singh of Saidpur, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
        • Kumari Gauri Singh
        • Kanwar Gaurav Singh
    • Rajkumari Ravindra Kaur, born 4th June 1952, unmarried.
    • Rajkumari Krishnendra Kaur, born 10th April 1954, married 26th April 1982, Kanwar Vijay Singhji of Sihi, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Kumari Ambika Singh
      • Kanwar Dushyant Singh
    • Rao Raja Giriraj Saran Singh, born on 30th of November,1922. In New Delhi., M.P.(Lok Sabha) from Mathura, serving two terms, married 1stly, January 1942 (div.1958), Maharajkumari Sushila Devi of Kapurthala, born 14th December 1918 at Kapurthala, died 1974 in Simla, married 2ndly, 1962, Mrs. Pamela Singh (divorced from her first husband), and had issue. He died on 16th of December 1969,at Delhi.
      • Raja Anup Singh, born 25th December 1942, educated at Bishop Cotton School, Simla and Cornell University in the U.S.A., studying a course in agricultural management, married 1stly, 1969 (div. 1974), Kumari Vijaya Kumari, born 1951, daughter of Thakur Gopal Singh oof Bhajji State, a forest range officer better known as Mooshoo Mian, married 2ndly, May 1980, Surrinder Kaur, born 1946, a Sandhu Jat lady from Shahzadpur jagir in Haryana, no issue.
      • Rajkumar Arun Singh [Prince Oogie], born 13th February 1947, educated at Bishop Cotton School, Simla and at St. Stephen's College, Delhi University; M.L.A. (three times) from Deeg constituency in Bharatpur District, first elected 1993 as an independent. He was twice an independent M.L.A. and the third time he stood and won from the I.N.L.D. party ticket. He died unmarried 15th March 2006 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital of kidney failure. His body was taken to Bharatpur on the same day, and he was given a state funeral (as he was an M.L.A.) at the Bharatpur Royal Cemetary.
    • Maharajkumari Bibiji Kusum Kaur, married 1933, Raja Surendra Pal Singh of Unchagaon, District Bulandshar in the United Provinces.had issue.
      • Raja Ravindra Pal Singh of Unchgaon
      • Rajkumari Asha Kaur
    • Maharajkumari Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, died 19th May 1930 at Mussoorie.
    • Maharajkumari Bibiji Padam Kaur (Kunwarani Vrish Bhan Kunwar), born 18th September 1919, married Kunwar Brijendra Singh of Moradabad., and had issue. She died 1945 in Mysore.
      • Rajkumari Kumud, born 1939, married Col. Arjun Singh
      • Rajkumari Abha (Birendra Kaur) born 1940, married Kunwar Rajendra Singh of Pisawa
      • Kunwar Shri Anupendra Singh of Moradabad, born 1942 married Meera Singh
  • Col. HH Shri Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai BRIJENDRA SINGH Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur 1929/1995, born 1st December 1918 ; he succeeded to the gadi on 14th April 1929; he was conferred with a permanent local salute of 19 guns for his support during WW1; Member of the Lok Sabha 1962/1971; married 1stly June 1941, Yuvarajkumari Jaya Chamunda Ammani Avaru [HH the Maharani of Bharatpur], died 1954, daughter of HH Yuvaraja Sir Sri Kantirava Narasinharaja Wadiyar of Mysore, and his wife, HH Yuvrani Kempu Cheluvammanniyavaru, married 2ndly, 1961 (div. 1972), HH Maharani Videh Kaur of the Urs family of Mysore, born 1933, died 1985, having had issues, five daughters by his first wife, one son and one daughter by his second:-
    • Maharajkumari Parvat Kaur, married Kanwar Harinderjit Singh of Wadala Kalan, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
      • Kanwar Jagjit Singh, born before 1961, married Kanwarani Padmani Kumari of Jasdan.
      • Kunwar Gurindrajit Singh, married Kanwarani Jasdeep Kaur
      • Bibiji Kiran Kaur
    • Maharajkumari Sri Bibiji Pushpendra Kaurji Sahiba. born at the Moti Mahal Palace, Bharatpur, 12th December 1944 (d/o Maharani Jaya Chamundammani), educ. Loretto Convent-Tara Hall, Simla, and the Nazareth Convent, Ootacamund. married May 1969 to Krishna Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana, son of Major-General Sri Sri Sri Maharajkumar Shanta Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, of Nepal, by his wife, Sri Rani Achala Rajya Lakshmi Devi, daughter of H.M. Svasti Sri Giriraja Chakra Chudamani Narayanetyadi Vividha Virudavali Virajamana Manonnata Parama-Ojaswi-Rajanya Parama-Projjwala-Nepal-Tara Parama-Pavitra-Om-Ram-Patta Parama-Jyotirmaya-Subikhyata-Tri-Shakti-Patta Parama-Suprasiddha-Prabala-Gorkha-Dakshina-Bahu Mahadhipati Shriman Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Maharajadhiraja Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Jang Bahadur Shah Bahadur Shamsher Jang Devanam Sada Samaja Vijayinam, of Nepal.
    • Maharajkumari Sri Bibiji Renuka Kaurji Sahiba. born at the Moti Mahal Palace, Bharatpur, 11th March 1947 (d/o Maharani Jaya Chamundammani), educ. Loretto Convent-Tara Hall, Simla, and the Nazareth Convent, Ootacamund, married at the Golbagh Palace, Bharatpur, 11th December 1969 to Tomar Jat ruler Raja Shri Mahendra Singh of Pisawa, in the Aligarh dist. of UP.
    • Maharajkumari Deergh Kaur [HH Maharani Deergh Kaur of Nabha], married 12th December 1970 at Bharatpur, HH Maharaja Hanuwant Singh Malvinder Bahadur of Nabha, and has issue, two sons.
      • Maharaj Yudhister Singh married Rajkumari Guatami Devi of Wadhwan
      • Mahrajkumar Kirat Singh married Rajkumari Jahanvi Devi of Wadhwan.
    • Maharajkumari Rohini/Ganga Kaur, married Sardar Rabindra Bir Singh Grewal, son of Maharajkumari Ruby Rajbir Kaur of Jind, and has issue, one son.
      • Kanwar Govind Singh Grewal, a practicing Supreme Court Lawyer.
    • HH Shri Maharaja Shri Brajendra Sawai Vishvendra Singh Bahadur Jang (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Sri Bibiji Bhanu Shankari Devi Sahiba. born at Bangalore, 1965 (d/o Maharani Videh Kaurji).
  • H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Vishvendra Singhji Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur (s/o Maharani Videh Kaurji) - see below. he succeeded his father on 8th July 1995; he served as Chairman, Zila Parishad, Distt. Bharatpur, Rajasthan 1988/1989; Member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (for five years) 1989/1994; Member of Parliament 9th Lok Sabha, Bharatpur constituency, Rajathan, 1989 - 1991; Member of the Legislative Assembly, Nadbai Constituency, Rajasthan, 1993-1998; Member of Parliament 13th Lok Sabha, Bharatpur constituency, Rajathan, 1999 - 2004; Member of the Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests 1999-2004; Member of Parliament 14th Lok Sabha, Bharatpur constituency, Rajathan, 2004 - 2009; Member of the Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice, 2004 - 2009; Member of the Legislative Assembly, Deeg Kumher Constituency, Rajasthan, from 2013; interests include wildlife, squash and tennis; he married on 15th February 1989, HH Maharani Divya Kumari born 6th November 1963 in Lucknow, daughter of Raja Surendra Singh Ju Dev of Beri, B.A., educated at Isabella Thorburn College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Member of the Zila Parishad, Bharatpur; Elected to the 11th Lok Sabha in 1996; on 12th May 2006, she was declared elected to the Vidhan Sabha from Deeg constituency (BJP) in a bye election as a result of the death of Shri Arun Singh (Rajkumar Arun Singhji of Bharatpur, see below), and has issue, one son.
    • Yuvraj Anirudh Singh Sahib . b. 19th June 1992, educ. The Leys Sch, Cambridge, and Univ Coll, London (UCL) (BSc 2012). Employed with The Oberoi, Dubai 2014-2015, Global Public Relations at One & Only Resorts since 2015.
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Acknowledgement :-
  • Raja Shri Anup Singhji of Bharatpur
  • Kunwar Shri Yadvendra Singhji of Pisawa
  • Raja Shri Rupendra Pal Singhji of Unchagaon



Maharaja Jawahar Singh of Bharatpur

Maharaja Jawahar Singh of Bharatpur, was born at Deeg, he was the eldest son of Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Sujanji Singh Bahadur alais Maharaja Suraj Mal, the Maharaja of Bharatpur, by his wife, Maharani Sri…

Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Bharatpur

Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Bharatpur was born at Deeg into a Sinsinwar Jat family, he was the youngest son of Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Sujan Singh Bahadur alias Maharaja SurajMal, Maharja of Bharatpur, by his…

Maharaja Balwant Singh of Bharatpur

Maharaja Sawai Balwant Singh of Bharatpur, he born at Jawahar Bagh, Bharatpur, 5th February 1820, into SinsinwarJat family , he was the son of H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Baldeo Singh Bahadur, Bahadur Jang of…

Maharaja Sawai Ratan Singh Bahadur of Bharatpur

Maharaja Sawai Ratan Singh Bahadur, of Bharatpur, was born at Deeg, third son of Maharaja Brijendra Sawai Sujan Singh [Suraj Mal] Bahadur, of Bharatpur, by his wife, Maharani Sri Ganga Devi,He was the ascended the…

Maharaja Baldeo Singh of Bharatpur

Maharaja Baldeo Singh of Bharatpur, was born at the Fort, Bharatpur, into Sinsinwar Jat family, he was the second son of H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Ranjit Singhji Bahadur, Farzand Jang Bahadur, Maharaja of Bharatpur,…

Rao Raja Raghunath Singh Of Bharatpur

Rao Raja Sri Raghunath Singh ji Sahib Of Bharatpur was born at Khas Kothi, Lohagarh, Bharatpur, 7th January 1887 . He was son of H.H Maharaja Brijendra Sawai Ram Singh Bahadur Jung Of Bharatpur and…

Maharaja Brijendra Singh Of Bharatpur

Colonel H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Brijendra Singhji Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur. Was born at Sewar Fort Palace, Lohagarh, Bharatpur, 1st December 1918, eldest son of Colonel H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Sir Kishan…

Maharaja Ram Singh Of Bharatpur

Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Ram Singh Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur was born at Lohagarh in Bharatpur in 21st September 1873, He was second son of H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Sir Jaswant Singhji Bahadur…

Raja Ram Singh Of Sinsini

Rajaram Jat or Raja Ram Singh was the son of Thakur Bhajja Singh who was the chief of Sinsani (later Rajaram became the chief of Sinsani [Sinsini]). And was direct descendants of Thakur Sobha ,…

Maharaja Surajmal

Maharaja Surajmal also know as Maharaja Sujan Singh or Maharaja Brijendra Sawai SurajMal was born on 13 February 1707. This is the same date in history on the day when Aurangzeb died. Maharaja Surajmal is…

Major Raja Man Singh Of Bharatpur

Major Raja Man Singhji Bahadur , was born on December 5, 1921 on December 5, 1921 in Bharatpur state. Your father’s name was Colonel Maharaja Brajendra Sawai Kishan Singh Bahadur Jung. Maharaja was the four…

Thakur Harnath Singh

Thakur Harnath Singh  (1754) was a close associate of Maharaja Suraj Mal of Bharatpur, who took part in peace efforts on or just before 18th May, 1754 and participated in the negotiations with the Bakhshi on behalf of Maharaja SurajMal.He was…

Rao Churaman Singh Bahadur Of Thun

Rao Churaman Singh Bahadur (died 20 September 1721) was ruler of Thun (Later  Bharatpur Kingdom ). He was son of Faujdar Thakur Bhajja Singh and Thakurrani Amrit Kaur and younger brother of Raja Ram Jat. He was selected…

Raja Badan Singh Of Bharatpur

Raja Badan Singh Or Raja shri Mahendra “Brij Raj” Badan Singh (Reign: 1722–21 May 1755) was the formal founder of the princely state of Bharatpur. He was son of Thakur Rup Singh who was Jagirdar…

Thakur Jorawar Singh

Thakur Jorawar Singh was a chieftain of Sinsini (Later Bharatpur Kingdom). Jorawar Singh was killed after the fall of Sinsini (1691).According to G C Dwivedi Choosing a successor capable of accomplishing the unfinished work of…

Faujdar Thakur Bhajja Singh Of Sinsini

Faujdar Thakur Bhajja Singh was a chieftain of Sinsini (Later Bharatpur Kingdom) who led the Jats from AD 1688-98. Thakur Brij Raj Singh and Thakur Bhajja Singh were brothers. Rao Churaman Singh Of Thun was…

Maharaja Kishan Singh Of Bharatpur

Colonel H.H Maharaja Kishan Singh KCSI, was the ruler of Bharatpur(1918 – 1929) and Successor of Maharani Girraj Kaur KCIE. Maharaja Kishan Singh, was born at Moti Mahal Palace, Bharatpur on 4th October 1899. He…

Maharani Giriraj Kaur Of Bharatpur

Maharani Girraj Kaur, KCIE was the Maharani of Bharatpur (1900 – 1918) and successor of Maharaja Brijendra Sawai Ram Singh Bahadur Jung, whose ruling powers were suspended on 10th August 1900 after the murder of…


Bharatpur Beyond Birds

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pays tributes to Maharaja Surajmal on his birth anniversary.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday paid tributes to Maharaja Surajmal on his birth anniversary, saying he dedicated his life to the people. “My tributes to Maharaja Surajmal ji, a great warrior and one who…

भरतपुर का लोहागढ़: तोपों के गोले हुए बेअसर, अंग्रेजों ने भी घुटने टेके, यहां पढ़ें- 10 रोचक तथ्य

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राजपरिवार की कुलदेवी के रूप में पूजी जाती हैं कैलादेवी, हर मनोकामना होती है पूर्ण

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Conquering this fort was nothing less than chewing iron, Know the secret of this 285 years old fort

Stepping into summer haven of Bharatpur kings–visiting Deeg in Rajasthan


The Jats And Sikhs Fight Marathas Near Dholpur, 13-14 March 1766

The Marathas under Malhar With their camp at Dholpur were carrying on frequent lightning raids into the Bharatpur Kingdom, while on the other hand the Sikhs were growing refractory for want of payment and they…

Relations with the rulers of Bharatpur and, Rewariand the plunder at Jaipur, January–February 1766

After the battle of Shamli, the Sikhs advanced Ward Delhi. youth team that was busy Crossed the desolate Saharanpur district, probably in Baghpat, 20 miles north of Delhi, and joined Buddha Dal in the neighbourhood…

Battle of Jajau (1707)

The Battle of Jajau was fought in 1707. Jajau is a village in Kheragarh tahsil of Agra district in Uttar Pradesh. When Aurangzeb died in 1707. Taking advantage of the weakness of Mughal rule Rao…

Battle of Kumher

The battle of Kumher was fought among Jats, Marathas and Mughals. Date :- 20 January 1754 – 18 May 1754 Location :- Kumher Result :- Bharatpur Kingdom Victory A peace treaty made between Jats and…

Battle of Sikandra -1688

The Battle of Sikandra was fought between forces of Jats and Mughals in March 1688. Jat army attacked Akbar’s tomb located in Sikandra, Agra under the leadership of Raja Ram Singh (also Know as Raja…

Capture of Delhi (1753)

The Capture of Delhi took place on 10 March 1753 between the Bharatpur Kingdom and the Mughal Empire. Date:- 10 May 1753 Location :- Delhi Result:- Bharatpur Kingdom Victory Belligerents :- Kingdom of Bharatpur Vs…

Siege of Bharatpore (1825-26 Battles)

The Siege of Bharatpore was a siege that took place in the Indian princely state of Bharatpur (now part of Rajasthan) between December 1825 and January 1826. British troops under Lord Combermere initially surrounded the…

Siege of Bharatpur

Siege of Bharatpur took place between 2 January and 22 February 1805 in the Indian Princely state of Bharatpur (now part of Rajasthan), during the Second Anglo-Maratha War. Forces of the British East India Company,…

Battle of Delhi (1764)

The Battle of Delhi (1764) was fought between the Kingdom of Bharatpur and the Mughal Empire Battle of Delhi, 1764 Part of Mughal – Jat Wars Date :- October 1764 – February 1765 Location :-…

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