Sardar Bahadur Raghubir Singh Of Ladhran, was born into a Guron Jat family, He was the son of Sardar Mahtab Singh and fifth generation of Sardar Jai Singh, founder of Ladhran Estate, Sardar Bahadur Raghubir Singh Of Ladhran, inherited the title of “Sardar” and took his father’s seat in Provincial Durbar. Sardar Raghbir Singh owned nearly one-twelfth share (Re. 2,282) of the whole Jagir held by the Ladhran Chiefs both in the Ludhiana and Amritsar districts, in addition to which the office of adalat-i-sadar in the Nabha State brought him in Rs. 200 per mensem. After leaving the Chief Judgeship of the Nabha State he was appointed Sub-Registrar and an Honorary Magistrate at Samrala. For his services in connection with the War, he was rewarded with a sword of honour, a gold watch, a recruiting badge and the title of “Sardar Bahadur”. In 1914 Sardar Bahadur Sardar Raghbir Singh Successor was Captain Sardar Jagpal Singh.

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