He was a Sandhu Jat of Village Kalsia in tahsil Kasur of Lahore district. In the same time Khan bahadur Zakariya khan he took Pahul from Bhai Mani Singh , and Made all his brothers relative’s and village fellow’s Sikhs.He joined Sardar Karam Singh of Paijgarh. On his death he exchanged turbans with Sardar Karora Singh . In January 1764, He Captured the Parganah of Chhachhrauli , 114 Villages , in Ambala district.and laid the foundation of an Independent State,named after his native village as Kalsia State. He acquired a Rich Booty during the Dal Khalsas excursions into Haryana – Jaipur – Bikaner region , Plundering Bhiwani, Hansi, Hisar , Shekhavati, Nolgarh, Sikar, Mundrelo, Bisau, Mandran, Surajgarh etc.In the Jalandhar doab he possessed Banbeli Parganah in Hoshiarpur District. Some of his villages had been seized by Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala. In 1769 he recovered them with the help of other Sikh Sardars who had equally suffered at Rajas Hands. Along with several Sikh Sardars.

References :-

  • History of the sikhs vol 4 by hari ram gupta
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