Sardar Gursharan Singh Jaijee was born on Oct 16, 1923, the third son of Shergill Jat noble Sardar Harchand Singh Jaijee of Chural Kalan in Sangrur District. Gursharan Singh’s father was the founder of the Praja Mandal, a movement for tenant farmers’ rights, and freedom fighters from all over undivided Punjab often visited the family home.

Sardar Gursharan Singh joined the police as a DSP just before Partition in 1947. After Independence he became an IPS officer and carried out numerous challenging assignments in the course of his service. His work with the Police Intelligence Wing took him to remote postings near the China border and in 1965, when the Hazrat Bal incident inflamed Kashmir, he was sent to the Valley as Commander of the Punjab Armed Police which guarded the airfield and other vital installations while the Army repulsed insurgents on the border. He was awarded the President’s Police Medal for his service in Kashmir.

He was an amritdhari Sikh and deeply spiritual. He was died in 2022, He was preceded in death by two elder brothers, two younger brothers, a sister and a son. He is survived by a younger brother and two sisters, as well as his wife, SardarniGurdavinder Kaur, two sons and four grandchildren.

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