Sardar Mehtab Singh Bhangi of Wadala, was the son of Sandhu Jat Jagirdar Sardar Diwan Singh native of village Wadala near Daska in Sialkot district. Mehtab Singh wasits chief. He joined the Bhangi confederacy under Jhanda Singh and Ganda Singh. He captured, 52 villages around Wadala thereby strengthening his possession at Wadala. After some time Mahan Singh invited him to attend a family gathering at Gujranwala. He went in a grand procession at the head of 500 men. He was well received. On the following day he was imprisoned. Mahan Singh sent a force to seize his territory and property. His four sons put up a bold front. A compromise was finally made. The young men were to pay a sum of rupees 1, 25, 000 for the release of their father. After some time Nidhan Singh Attu seized Wadala. Ranjit Singh expelled him after the battle of Daska in 1809..


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