Sardar Mehtab Singh Sandhu of Mundapind (died 1848), was Jat Zamindar of Sandhu clan, of village Mundapind near Sarhali on banks of river Beas in the Amritsar Tarn Taran Majha. He was a famous officer In Lahore Durbar, Sardar Mehtab Singh Sandhu was married to daughter of Sardar Lallu Singh a Mallhi Jatsikh of village Atta of family (KhushalediaKe), who was also in the service at Lahore darbar.

Mehtab Singh Sandhu, was killed in battle during the second Anglo Sikh wars in year 1848, his widow left Mundapind in Tarn Taran Manjha taking his three sons Gujjar Singh, Sham Singh and Gopal Singh back to her parents village of Atta in Jalandhar Doab, where she settled back with her parents.

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