Sardar Lahora Singh Of Moga, was the younger son of Sardar Nand Singh of Moga and born into Gill Jat family, He was politically and socially very active and had immense influence in and around Moga. A very inflential person that time, he took keen interest in the welfare, social justice and greviances of the local people. The high govt representatives held court at his place everyday and often dinner was laid to all the people. His generosity and popularity was known amongst the local people.During partition , he even offered food to jathas coming from Pakistan.

He was an Akali and had cordial relations with all Akali leaders, Tara Singh, Baldev Singh , Jathedaar Udham Singh Nagoke and Giani Kartar Singh, who frequently visited him. In 1946 the Sheikhs of Moga were pressing upon the government to include Moga, Zeera and Ferozepur in Pakistan. When he came to know he made efforts to keep these places in India. At that time Moga was Sikh majority and Zeera was Muslim majority area. He through Rattan Singh M.L.A, who was also a government contractor and known to the Patiala Family , approached Maharaja Yadavinder Singh Of Patiala about this. He pressed upon him to take this matter with the government. Meanwhile he called and arranged a big conference at Moga. It was attended by a huge crowd , where they discussed their problems and impressed upon the government that Moga and its neighboring areas to remain in India. Daily meetings were held in his home. With the efforts of Lahora Singh, Rattan Singh, Jasmer Singh and other local leader of the area,Moga was saved and remained a part of India. It was one of his biggest achievements.After the partition, the Congress leaders impressed upon him to join Congress. Again another conference was called to decide and later along with Giani Kartar Singh he joined Congress. He was always a blue eyed boy of congress in the area and was a treasured lieutenant. He was a Zamindar and his main profession was money lending. He owned 800 acre of land in which 500 acres was mortgaged with him (Gehne Rakhna). He never took interest on money lent to the people. During the World War I, he even helped the government in recruiting the youth of his area to join the Army. He was offered a big land in Lyallpur in lieu of that but which he denied and never wanted to leave Moga . He was a man of principles, loved and respected by all.He was a social reformer and very liberal. There was no Pardah system and women were given equal respect.

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