Sujan Singh, Man Singh and Dan Singh were the sons of Chaudhary Amrik Singh, a Badecha Jat, of the village Dhianpur in Amritsar district,who,later on, had settled at Kang. They were the members of the Dallewalia Misl and had seized the parganahs of Dharmkot, Mari and Tihara to the south of the Sutlej, they were one of the most prominent warriors of the Dallewalia Misl. The descendants of Sujan Singh and Dan Singh still hold Jagirs at Shahkot and those of Man Singh at Dhondowal.” And later the revenue of his jagir was more than 11,000 and more than 22 villages.

Reference :-

  • History of the sikhs vol 3 by Hari Ram Gupta
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